Seaports expansion as strategies into new construction

Seaport footprints will need to expand by up to 3,689 square kilometers (1,424 square miles) worldwide in the next three decades to cope with the combination of sea-level rise and rising demand, according to a new study published in Earth’s Future, a peer-reviewed scientific journal focusing on climate change and future sustainability. The new study modeled trade growth Read more about Seaports expansion as strategies into new construction[…]

Biosolar cells to produce more energy

By combining light-collecting and photosynthesis proteins of different types, more energy can be produced. Potential sources of renewable energy include protein complexes that are responsible for photosynthesis. However, their efficiency in technical applications still leaves much to be desired. For example, they cannot convert green light into energy. A research team from Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) Read more about Biosolar cells to produce more energy[…]