Being able to 3D print silicone is an exciting innovation

3Diligent announced it has added silicone 3D Printing to its capabilities and is now accepting requests for quote (RFQs) and is processing orders in the material. “Being able to 3D print silicone is an exciting innovation. At 3Diligent we strive to meet the 3D Printing needs of all designers and are pleased to expand our range Read more about Being able to 3D print silicone is an exciting innovation[…]

Complete Guide to Metal 3D Printing

3Diligent has released its Complete Guide to Metal 3D Printing: An Overview of Industry Advancement and Technologies, which provides a comprehensive source of information on current trends in metal 3D Printing and existing and emerging metal printing processes for the reader that is considering a metal printing project. The 13-page report explores headlines on metal 3D Printing Read more about Complete Guide to Metal 3D Printing[…]

Metal Printing Requests Doubled

3Diligent announced today it has completed its first State of Professional and Industrial 3D Printing Report. The report is based on analysis of customer requests for quote (RFQs) and orders from 2015 to 2016, as well as bids submitted by its supply partners on those projects. 3Diligent developed the report to track 3D Printing industry Read more about Metal Printing Requests Doubled[…]