Patent research grants – call for proposals 2020

The EPO is pleased to announce a new call for proposals for funding under its Academic Research Programme. The EPO recognises the importance of high-quality research on patent-related intellectual property (IP) matters to inform policymakers and facilitate sound business decisions in a context where intangible assets, innovation and IP rights have become pivotal in the Read more about Patent research grants – call for proposals 2020[…]

A new LiDAR sensor which is smaller and more cost-effective

Velodyne LiDAR Inc., the world leader in 3D real-time perception systems for autonomous vehicles, today announced its new fixed-laser, solid-state Velarray™ LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor, a cost-effective yet high-performance and rugged automotive product in a small form factor. With the Velarray sensor, which can be seamlessly embedded in both autonomous vehicles and advanced Read more about A new LiDAR sensor which is smaller and more cost-effective[…]

Integrated 3 Dimensional Ready to Wear Body Armor

Image is often our first line of defense against the world.  A stylish well-tailored garment can make a person feel ready and able to take on whatever the day will throw at them.  Unfortunately, in an ever increasing number of locations around the globe whatever the day may throw at you includes gun violence.  The Read more about Integrated 3 Dimensional Ready to Wear Body Armor[…]

Volvo HoloLens

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, will work together with Microsoft, the leading platform and productivity company, to jointly develop next generation automotive technologies. The two companies today revealed how Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first fully untethered holographic computer, might be used in future to redefine how customers first encounter and explore a car, as Read more about Volvo HoloLens[…]

aerial 3D

Aerial 3D display

Aerial 3D Display is the one and only one technology that enables to draw the true 3D image as well as 3D model animations in the mid air by creating arrays of selfluminous dots, which is the entirely innovative approach and does not require any gimmick such as fog or screen needed in other holographic display. The main usage will be in emergency sign self auto-drive and digital signage. Most Read more about Aerial 3D display[…]

Haptic applications

Haptic simulators addresses to tactile user which creates the sensation of touching virtual objects. Currently there are several companies in the field of haptics products which offer a wide range of haptic facilities interaction with virtual environment. Haptic simulation applications demonstrates its applicability in various fields such as medicine mainly in surgery,  engineering through 3D simulations Read more about Haptic applications[…]