SurfBoard is more than a touchpad/keyboard replacement

SurfBoard is not just a touchpad/keyboard replacement; it is the all in one input device to control just about any smart device.

With its multi-functional, multi-featured customizable surface, custom pointing, scrolling, gestures, and key inputting is a thing of the past. SurfBoard is a fully customizable surface device that acts as a mouse, touchpad, keyboard, macro-function input tool, smart remote, and more.

Use SurfBoard to control PCs, smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s, etc. Scroll across the surface of SurfBoard slide and point, two fingers to scroll, three fingers to move the screen around, or press the device to input text or personalized functions. These are not the only options with SurfBoard. Using a standard keyboard layout, one hand can be used to point, scroll, type, etc. without the need to go back and forth between the mouse and keyboard. The options with SurfBoard are endless and personalized functions as well as function areas such as mouse vs text input, can be separated to user preferences.


Using custom delivered Windows software, users can create their own shortcuts for the most personally used functions in Adobe Illustrator, Premiere, Microsoft Excel, games, etc. Eliminate the need to press shortcut keys or delve through menu items. Program commonly used functions directly into SurfBoard.

Besides using SurfBoard with PC’s or smart devices, SurfBoard can also replace a standard remote control for smart TV’s. Channel surfing or web surfing with a remote control is cumbersome and time consuming. SurfBoard can be programmed to act as a smart remote for quick channel surfing, web surfing, custom volume/channel gesture areas, etc.

Easily switch between PC’s and TV’s. Downloaded a file to a PC using SurfBoard and then switch to controlling a smart TV with the tap of a button. Control all smart devices from the comforts of a sofa or perform complicated functions with the flick of a finger at work.

Multi-pair with devices simultaneously and control up to 3 devices at the same time. SurfBoard can be used wired and/or wirelessly using standard USB input, micro-USB input, or Bluetooth connectivity.

The surface of SurfBoard is configured to accept uniform haptic feedback so key input is streamless across the entire surface when compared to other touchpad devices.

Increase work efficiency by saving space and time for the most commonly performed functions.

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