SME’s Business Internationalisation Funding


Are you an innovative SME with the ambition to develop a new and innovative product-market combination (or process or service) with a strategic counterpart outside Europe?

Do you need to first check the technical, commercial, legal and socio-economic feasibility?

Each approved project will receive a fixed grant amount of €60,000, representing a maximum of 70% of total eligible costs (staff, consumables, equipment, subcontracting, others) which must be a minimum of €86,000.

50% will be disbursed at the beginning. Upon submission and approval of the final report after project finalization the beneficiary will receive the remaining 50%. There is no specific limit to the sub-contracting budget.

Only one successful application per applicant SME will be funded.

Who can apply?

  • Innovative SMEs, including young companies and start-ups from any sector.
  • Established in an EU Member State or a EU Grants Associated Country.
  • Looking to compete and start business in new and emerging markets around the world.
  • Engaged in an economic activity (selling products or providing services on the market at a given price).

Self-employed, partnerships and associations or any other entity different from the above mentioned will not be eligible for funding.


  • Be the preliminary phase of a potential International Cooperation RTDI project of the applicant SME with local counterparts in the target country in the short or medium term.
  • Feature a co-creation based product-market development preparatory work done by a European innovative SME together with at least one future local strategic partner, initially bound in as subcontractor for innovation project implementation -e.g. a supplier, customer, end user, research provider or complementary technology developer.
  • The foreseen product-market combination must create high impact on the targeted third country pilot market.
  • Include a wide variety of activities to explore the practical (societal and cultural acceptance), technological and commercial viability of the proposed co-creation based innovative solution and how it needs to meet local conditions and demands.
  • Have a minimum eligible budget of € 86,000.

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