SICUR 2024 International Security Exhibition

Haptic R&D Consulting is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming SICUR 2024 International Security Exhibition. Organized by the Enterprise Europe Network MADRID, in collaboration with the Cluster 3 NCPs, the event aims to create a platform for fostering collaboration within the security sector.

About SICUR 2024: International Security Exhibition

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SICUR 2024 stands as a premier gathering for professionals and innovators in the security industry. This year’s event, held within the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network MADRID, promises to be a focal point for showcasing cutting-edge technologies, facilitating partnerships, and addressing key challenges in the security domain.

Haptic R&D Consulting’s Participation: A Highlight of Innovation

An engineering consultancy company focussed on research and development, Haptic R&D Consulting is set to explore more innovative solutions that have transformative applications in the security sector. The Enterprise Europe Network MADRID’s International Brokerage Event, supported by the Cluster 3 NCPs, provides an excellent opportunity for Haptic R&D Consulting to engage with potential collaborators and explore avenues for technological collaboration.

Key Activities at the Event:

  1. International Brokerage Event: Haptic R&D Consulting will actively participate in the International Brokerage Event, leveraging the platform to connect with like-minded professionals and organizations within the security domain.
  2. National Infoday – Cluster 3 “Civil Security for Society” Work Programme 2024: As part of the event, Haptic R&D Consulting will also attend the National Infoday focused on the Cluster 3 “Civil Security for Society” Work Programme 2024. This offers a valuable opportunity to gain insights into the latest developments and priorities in civil security.

Details of the Event:

“Innovation management is not about control; it’s about fostering an environment where creativity flourishes. Our innovation management audits aim to unlock the full potential of organizations, ensuring they are poised for success in an ever-evolving landscape.” – Mr. Daniel Chirtes, the Founder of Haptic R&D Consulting.

About Haptic R&D Consulting

Haptic R&D Consulting being an engineering consultancy company, specializing in creating immersive and interactive experiences across various industries. With a commitment to innovation, the company is dedicated to shaping the future of new innovation advanced technology and its transformative applications.