SELFIE HANDBOOK – revealing people into twelve different selfie-personalities

Selfie culture is here to stay. In fact, the word “selfie” grew in popularity by 17,000 percent since 2012 and even gained a permanent spot in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2014. According to Perfect Corp., whose suite of augmented reality beauty apps has amounted over 350 million downloads globally, women spend 500 million minutes every month using the apps’ selfie cam and have taken over 10 billion selfies since the apps launch, two years ago. To better understand the selfie obsession, Perfect Corp. conducted an in-depth study identifying selfie behaviors, motivations and personalities. The study uncovered 12 different selfie personas, proving that selfie-takers are not one-size fits all.

Selfie Personas Snapshot

Whether it’s a selfie with your beau, a classic duck-face, or a snap with your favorite rescue pup, each one inspires self-expression, empowerment, and experimentation. The twelve selfie personas identified by Perfect Corp. include: My Squad, Funny Face, Family, Party Girl, Gen Z, Girl Power, Animal Lover, Forever Young, Flirty, Vacationer, Dare Devil and Romantic.

Some of the most interesting selfie insights revealed through the study include:

  • Gen Z’ers are more selective sharers, sharing 40% fewer selfies than Millennials
  • My Squad selfie-takers take 4 times as many photos as the average YouCam user
  • Party Girl type take more selfies on Wednesday nights than the average user
  • 10% of Animal Lovers have tried out makeup filters on their pets
  • Vacationers make the least amount of edits to their selfies because… #nofilterneeded
  • Romantic people take the most romantic selfies on Sunday


One commonality unveiled regarding all selfie personas is their passion for lipstick. In fact, within the YouCam Makeup app:

  • Lipstick is the most tried-on feature with 1.5 million virtual try-ons daily
  • Sunday from 7:00 – 9:00PM is the most popular time to try on lipsticks
  • Women try on matte lipstick two times more than glossy lipstick
  • Red lip colors are a favorite across all U.S. cities

“Our new study supports Perfect Corp.’s mission to help users discover endless beauty inspiration and express themselves through the art of selfie-taking, no matter their persona,” says Alice Chang, Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp. “We are thrilled that over 350 million people have used our apps for exactly that and are proud to be the number one interactive beauty platform, offering a unique and comprehensive journey.”

Perfect Corp.’s augmented reality beauty network consists of over 350 million global downloads among the award winning lineup of apps, including YouCam Makeup, YouCam Perfect, YouCam Nails, and newly launched YouCam Fun. YouCam Apps offer cutting-edge technology and precise facial recognition capabilities, making YouCam Makeup a must-have beauty app for a true-to-life virtual experience.


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