Self powered wireless sensor

TEGnology, a Danish company announces a game changer in remote sensing technology. The method is thermoelectric energy harvesting and the secret is in the material. Newly developed, it opens the door to high volume applications not possible before.

TEGnology launched the FLIPTEM 36 as a replacement for batteries in January of this year and now follows up with a development platform for wireless sensing with the FLIPTEM 36 at its heart.

Substituting the battery for an energy harvester is very attractive. The power source never needs changing. This alone is a huge advantage for sensors in difficult to access locations. For example, an underground energy meter for district heating.

“We experience that there is a need to educate the market about the huge savings possible with his technology, so in recognition of this need, we produce a development platform, which can be easily adapted to the customer need,” – Paul Egginton CEO.

”Newly developed materials play a central role in our present and future products” – Flemming Bjoern Hansen, TEGnology founder. “TEGnology’s goal is to deliver value to our customers by identifying the best thermoelectric materials for harvesting of waste heat. We do this by optimising efficiency and simultaneously reducing costs.”

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About TEGnology ApS

TEGnology upcycles waste heat to useful electrical power. TEGnology is the leading company in the world within industrial thermoelectric materials and modules. Our attractive prices for mass-produced products provide a rapid ROI by harvesting free electricity from waste heat. Deployed on a vehicle, fuel efficiency increases by up to 10%. All this adds up to reduce customer operating costs.

Source: TEGnology ApS