Search easy your job with job search engines – JOOBLE

The Internet’s flooded with large amounts of job boards and such, it appears to be quite a fruitful domain of activity nowadays.

Yet we should try and make a distinction between a Job Board and a recent phenomenon in the industry called a Job Aggregator. The former nests job postings and allows employers to create and publish job alerts on the Job Board. The latter, on the other hand, has no direct interaction with the person who publishes the job alert per se.

Job aggregators normally collect information from Job Boards and recruiting agencies and simply host the job listing on their site and normally, yet not always, create a direct link to the original job board. To boil it down, job aggregators are sort of the real “job search engines” that gather job alerts from other pages throughout the Internet (recruiting agencies and job boards included) and store them in a huge database where they are available to the people looking for a job.

They are normally large international companies, since they’ve already established a job alert collection algorhythm, they can simply apply it to other countries. So, in other words aggregators have become the data pools that contain most of the job listings in your area. – They have large amounts of jobs available in Belgium, as long as I know. They’re fairly popular in France and the countries of the Benelux. I’m sure they’ll have lots available for your region. – Experteer has a great classification system, they make sure you clarify all of your stronger sides and domains of expertise, thus offering you a “low fat” list of jobs. – These guys are quite popular around the world as well, their searching module is quite dispersive and simple, so you can look into larger domains of activity, and they have a regular newsletter sent out to their users with job alerts almost daily.