(English) A new breed of haptic headphones

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Taction Technology today launched the Taction Kannon, a new breed of haptic headphones that accurately render low frequency audio using vibrations. Using an innovative driver design, the Taction Kannons can render deep bass audio down to 15 Hz, well beyond the capabilities of traditional headphones. For a limited time the Taction Kannons can be ordered at a discount as part of a Kickstarter campaign.

The Taction Kannon does what no conventional headphone can.
The team at Taction Technology developed the Kannon to address a failing in conventional headphones: the inability to reproduce low frequency audio. You hear low frequency audio – deep bass below 60 Hz – through vibrations caused by soundwaves resonating within your body. The Kannon uses a newly designed, powerful haptic driver that renders low frequency audio deeper and more accurately than any headphone ever made available commercially. The experience is immersive, powerful and unlike anything currently available on the market.

„Through innovations in engineering and product design we have been able to take a concept  that had yet to be effectively realized and launch what we believe will be a market-changing product in the Taction Kannon,” said James Biggs, PH.D., executive and lead engineer at Taction Technology.

An audiophile quality headphone with unparalleled bass frequency response.
The Taction Kannon is a premium over-ear closed-back headset with audiophile-quality sound and high-fidelity tactile reproduction. Each earcup in the new Taction Kannon headset has both a traditional driver and a haptic driver. The traditional driver transfers higher-frequency audio – treble and mid-tones – as well as the high end of the low-frequency spectrum. The haptic driver delivers a clean strong bass sensation down to 15 Hz.

The Kannon can be powered from any USB source and comes with a mobile battery pack. A 3.5mm 4-pole audio plug provides near universal audio connections. The ergonomic inline controller provides easy access to an on/off switch for the haptic drivers, intensity settings, and mic mute. Noise-isolating, leather ear cushions complement the around-the-ear design. The Kannon also features a removable, high-sensitivity microphone and premium finishes and durable construction.

The solution bassheads and gamers have been searching for.
The Taction Kannon is designed for audio enthusiasts and headphone users who value high-quality, immersive audio and deep, resonating bass when listening to music, playing video games, and watching movies. Fans of deep, accurate bass – self-described bassheads – finally have a headset that can recreate the sensation of being at a concert or a movie theater, complete with all the intense thumps, rumbles and thunders missing in a conventional headphone experience.

And gamers can not only enjoy an intense immersive experience, studies have shown that the haptic sensation provides a competitive advantage by decreasing response times by an average of 60 milliseconds, and improved three-dimensional spatial accuracy.

An important piece in the VR puzzle.
The VR industry is hard at work trying to enhance realism and immersion. Because haptic drivers intensify and clarify spatial audio by enhancing the ability to distinguish left from right, they provide orientation cues that can be the difference between simulation and the sense of „being there” with Virtual Reality.

„Developers have recognized that haptic technology has a role to play in the fast evolving field of virtual reality,” said Michael Fierro, PH.D., executive at Taction Technology. „We believe our patent-protected haptic drivers, with their unique planar approach, can greatly benefit the VR user experience.”

About Taction Technology

Taction Technology is a dynamic and fast-moving start-up focused on bringing transformative technology to market. The Taction Kannon, which has the potential to be a market-changing product in audio and gaming, will be the first retail product from the team’s product pipeline. For more info, visit http://tactiontechnology.com.

Source: Prnewswire