(English) Human Centric AI for accelerated digital transformation

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[Aricestii Rahtivani, November 24, 2023]Haptic R&D Consulting proudly announces its participation in the prestigious „Human Centric AI for Accelerated Digital Transformation” event, scheduled for January 18-19, 2024, in Brussels, Belgium. This event, dedicated to advancing human-centric AI solutions, promises to be a focal point for groundbreaking discussions and innovations in the realm of digital transformation.

As the manufacturing landscape continues to evolve rapidly, propelled by technological advancements and digitalization, Haptic R&D Consulting stands poised to spearhead innovative solutions that prioritize human-centric AI integration. The event, organized to explore the potential and challenges of AI in driving digital transformation, aligns seamlessly with Haptic R&D Consulting’s commitment to harnessing AI technologies while placing human experience at the forefront.

The „Human Centric AI for Accelerated Digital Transformation” event serves as an ideal platform for industry leaders, policy makers, and experts to converge, exchange insights, and deliberate on the pivotal role of human-centric AI in shaping the future of digital transformation.

With a firm dedication to fostering collaborations and driving innovative AI strategies, Haptic R&D Consulting looks forward to contributing valuable perspectives, sharing best practices, and forging partnerships at this esteemed gathering.

„We”re glad to participate in the ‘Human Centric AI for Accelerated Digital Transformation’ event. This platform offers a remarkable opportunity to delve into the transformative potential of AI while emphasizing the importance of human-centric approaches in driving accelerated digital innovation,” stated Mr. Daniel Chirtes, Founder at Haptic R&D Consulting.

Haptic R&D Consulting brings a wealth of expertise in leveraging AI technologies to enhance human experiences and drive meaningful digital transformations across industries. The event presents a prime avenue for Haptic R&D Consulting to showcase its innovative approaches, collaborate with industry leaders, and contribute to shaping the future of AI-driven digital landscapes.

For further details regarding Haptic R&D Consulting’s participation in the event, visit Human Centric AI for Accelerated Digital Transformation.