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• The Main gate for all medical sectors in Egypt and all Africa
• The biggest popula tion in all Africa.
• Continuous increase in population.
• huge medical projects inside the new administrative capital
• Political stability which pushed several counties to make agreements with Egyptian Government
in different fields especially in the Medical field.
• More amounts reserved from the budget to improve and renovate Governmental Hospitals and
expansion in the Governmental Medical Insurance.
• Medical field is the widest investment field in Egypt and Africa.

Direct benefits

• Biggest and oldest exhibition in Egypt and all Africa since 2000.
• Biggest number of visitors in Egypt and all Africa.
• Biggest deals in medical field are done through Egymedica.
• Gather between deals and scientific aspects on the other hand.
• Direct meetings with decision makers and Purchasing
• managers of big entities in the medical field.
• Place for all concerned people and distributor companies to gain agents for new products.

Exhibition Fields
All medical equipments and supplies

• All medical equipment’s, disposables, devices, Medical glass, and supplied for laboratories.

Egylab Medicine

• Gynecology & Obstetrics
• IVF Care
• Ophthalmology
• Cardiology Clinics.
• Cardiothoracic Surgery
• Endoscope
• Ambulance
• medical furniture
• Medical gases
• Pediatrics
• Intensive Care Clinics and Critical Cases

NEW 2022

Keen on Egymedica to show everything that is new in the medical sector that have benefits for all world
(like Devices – inventions – IT services ….etc.) Everything that benefits humanity.
Therefore, the different medical products that are show from the biggest companies who are participating in EGYMEDICA website.

Visitors Profile

•Ministry of health Directors.
•head of departments – health affairs in all governorates.
•heads and faculty members in colleges of (medicine Pharmacy – Dental – Physitheapy)
in all Universities.
•Representatives of Trade Offices, ambassadors and ministers plenipotentiary to all Arab and foreign
countries located in Egypt.
•The human resources managers
•The production managers in pharmaceutical factories.
•The directors of scientific offices, and corporate of medicine distribution.
•Owners and managers of factories and all investors in the sector of pharmaceutical
•Medical Officers from all MOH and Governmental Hospitals.

Haptic R&D Consulting SRL is a media partner for Egymedica 2022 and for more info and registration please visit Egymedica 2022 official website.

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