(English) BioStamp® technology platform to deliver wearable sensors that flex, bend and stretch to match the properties of the human body

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MC10, Inc. unveiled the BioStamp Research Connect System (BioStampRC™), providing researchers with an end to end solution for seamlessly gathering physiological data. Flexible body-worn sensors enable study subjects to move comfortably through regular activities in clinical or remote settings, simultaneously reducing observation error and improving data capture.

biostamprc-specThe BioStampRC system is the first fully-integrated solution that utilizes MC10’s proprietary BioStamp® technology platform to deliver wearable sensors that flex, bend and stretch to match the properties of the human body. Combined with MC10’s robust cloud-based software system, the BioStampRC system allows researchers to securely share data with colleagues and collaborators in real time, across multiple research sites. With their unique combination of wearability and tight skin coupling, the BioStamp Sensors can be placed simultaneously on multiple body locations to create rich profiles of human activity.

The BioStampRC product is an end-to-end system developed to enable researchers to gather the exact physiological data they need through a configurable, intuitive interface. The system offers:

  • Access to raw kinematic and surface biopotential data via
    • 6 degrees of freedom in inertial sensing with a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope and
    • Integrated electrodes to generate research quality signals which can be leveraged for surface electromyography (sEMG) and electro-cardiac activity
  • Study-centric tablet and web applications to easily integrate into the researcher workflow
  • Digital subject reports and other contextual data to supplement sensor data in a single system
  • Secure, organized data sets for easy management and download

The BioStampRC system has been in beta testing for several months with world-class institutions that specialize in the areas of motor skill rehabilitation, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiology and human performance. Dr. Paolo Bonato, Director of the Motion Analysis Laboratory at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, noted, “We are very impressed with the results of the BioStamp system tests that we have performed so far. The sensor is unobtrusive, very comfortable to wear, and it reliably collects data for extensive periods. Charging the sensor’s battery and checking the quality of the data being collected is simple. The system appears to be an ideal platform for many of our clinical research projects.”

“MC10’s mission is to create digital healthcare products that can better our understanding of, and ultimately improve, human health. The BioStampRC system is a great example of this mission,” said Scott Pomerantz, MC10’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

The BioStamp Research Connect system will be available starting in early 2016. For more information, visit MC10 online at www.mc10inc.com.

About MC10, Inc.

MC10 is on a mission to improve human health through digital healthcare solutions. The company combines its proprietary ultra-thin, flexible body-worn sensors with advanced analytics to unlock health insights from physiological data. MC10 partners with healthcare organizations and researchers to advance medical knowledge and create monitoring and diagnostic solutions for patients and physicians. Backed by a strong syndicate of financial and strategic investors, MC10 has received widespread recognition for its innovative technology, including distinction as a 2014 CES Innovation in Design Honoree. MC10 is headquartered in Lexington, MA. Visit MC10 online at www.mc10inc.com.

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