Recall Introducing Wearable Technology, Expanding Industry-Leading RFID Program

Recall Holdings Limited (ASX: REC), a global leader in document storage, digital information solutions, data protection and secure destruction services, today announced its latest innovation in RFID technology with the introduction of a wearable RFID scanner program at a Recall Information Center in Atlanta, Georgia—a first for the information management industry. The scanners are worn by Information Center personnel and are providing enhanced efficiency for auditing and chain of custody processes. This program is expected to roll out to more centers around the world this year.

Recall_logoThe wearable RFID scanners enable continuous audits of Recall customer assets during the course of daily operations. As employees move through the facility, a belt mounted scanner automatically audits tagged assets. Recent technical trials indicate this new scanning method has improved the overall process, as assets are regularly audited, complementing and reducing the time required for full site audits from up to four weeks to a few days.

“Recall has been a pioneer in integrating RFID technology into the information management industry and has been focused on improving and innovating this technology for a decade,” said Ron McMurtrie, Senior Vice President, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Recall.

Added McMurtrie, “With more than 50 million RFID tags in Recall Information Centers globally and more than 500,000 new tags created each month, Recall continues to be first-in-class for providing customers with efficient access and control over their information. As we continue to further enhance our audit processes with industry-first RFID technology, we expect increased value for our customers as we provide near real-time updates, greater chain of custody documentation and stronger information governance programs.”

Recall’s introduction of wearable RFID scanners builds on more than ten years of research and development in the security and tracking technology as it relates to its document storage cartons, individual files and backup tapes stored at Recall Information Centers, for the benefit of its global customer base.

“In addition to reducing auditing time and costs, wearable RFID scanners and their continuous auditing can fundamentally change what we are able to provide in terms of ‘real-time’ visibility and reporting for our customers,” said Jon Poole, Operating Technologies and Innovation at Recall.

Recall is also the only company with the capability of providing printable labels for in-house asset management to its clients, allowing customers a greater choice in their information governance activities. Recall’s RFID program is compliant with the ISO 18000-6C, the standard for RFID technology across the globe. Additionally, the patented process for printing, encoding and validation has achieved Six Sigma quality – minimizing the rejection rate of unrecognizable scans and instances of data not being found.

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