The definitive software for structural integrity assessments

This software is a powerful tool designed to perform instantaneous fracture and fatigue calculations.

Based on the most up-to-date structural integrity procedures, through a simple, user-friendly interface, allows any crack typology present in an industrial component to be analysed. The swift production of results and the high degree of reliability of the software make the essential tool for crack analysis in sectors of great importance, such as:

  • the energy generation industry (nuclear, thermal, wind…),
  • the aeronautics sector or
  • the petro-chemical industry.

4 main calculation modes

  • The “Assessment” mode allows a situation with all data known to be analysed from a failure point of view;
  • In “Search” mode, the critical value of crack size or critical magnitude of loads can be determining;
  • The “Scanning” mode allows parametric studies, between two indicated values of one of calculation variables to be performed;
  • Finally, by means of “Propagation” mode, fatigue crack growth analyses can be carried out.



Features of the software

  • Fracture calculations: initiation and ductile tearing
  • Crack propagation analysis
  • Determination of critical crack size and critical loads
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Graphic FAD representation of results
  • Editable Database including more than 300 materials
  • More than 30 available geometries (pipe/cylinders, bars, plates, spheres…)
  • Automatic generation of results report.

Additional information


1. Tutorial – General Presentation
2. Tutorial ”Assessment Route” – Crack analysis in pipe
3. Tutorial ”Search route” – Determination of critical crack size on spherical tank
4. Tutorial ”Propagation route” – Analysis of fatigue crack propagation in railway axle
5. Tutorial ”Scanning route” – Fracture assessment depending on crack size
6. Tutorial Assessment route (Ductile tearing)

Available in 5 languages

VINDIO 1.1 is available in 5 languages: Spanish, English, German, French and Portuguese.

The best technical support

The users have at their disposal the technical assistance provided by a professional engineering team with a wide experience in Structural Integrity in sectors such as nuclear industry, fossil energies, wind energy, petro-chemical industry or fabrication of metallic components.