Street Lighting Systems

Street lighting system is entirely self-sufficient off-the-grid solution for:

  • private;
  • commercial and
  • municipal applications.

Street lighting system illuminates entire areas without the need for excavation works, cable laying and grid connection, delivering much lower installation, maintenance and energy cost.

Our Remote Management Software (RMS) and wireless communication networks enable real-time on-line monitoring and management of each Street Lighting Systems unit with unmatched reliability, optimized system performance and the brightest light all year long, while prolonging battery and LED light life cycles and decreasing electricity costs.

Street Lighting Systems features include:

  • motion sensor and dimming functionality,
  • 24/7 remote management system,
  • smart solar controllers,
  • smart sensors and cloud platform,
  • efficient installation tools and much more.

“S” Street Lighting Systems package includes following:
1. Smart solar street light: 30 W led light with 250 W solar panel and 260 AH Batteries.
2. Off-Grid Smart Solar Charging Controller with battery temperature sensor for longer life cycle.
3. Cloud management and communication costs for 3 years.
4. Software platform for 3 years with basic package of remote monitoring included.
5. Training and dedicated account manager for monitoring and control.
6. Pole height: 4 meters

RRP (Recommended Selling Price) PER UNIT:

  • 1-10 units : 2,000.00 EURO
  • 10-50 units: 1,900.00 EURO
  • 50-100 units: 1,750.00 EURO

Remote management packages:

  • Basic Package: free of charge
  • Advanced Package: 12 EURO per pole per month
  • Premium Package: 22 EURO per pole per month

NOTE: Price excluding VAT and installation cost is not included.


Product Line

  • Model S
  • Model M
  • Custom Model

Street Lighting Systems RMS service packages:

  • BASIC,

Each Street Lighting Systems street light is equipped with Basic RMS package.

Warranty on solar panel equipment 25 year if handled according to Instruction Manual.
Warranty on batteries 5 to 7 years if handled according to Instruction Manual.