Solar Bench

Solar bench: enjoy the new urban furniture

Solar bench is a great addition to your urban furniture. It is more than just any bench. It is a smart-designed bench that enables all people to charge their devices. Anyone can relax on this bench, enjoy 4G Internet and simultaneously charge their phone or tablet. Comfort and design meet sustainability: are you ready for change?

 Solar benches are great social spaces

If you are eager to make your urban furniture greener, a solar bench is a great innovative solution. It functions solely on clean solar energy; this energy gets stored and is available to you 24/7. Working, studying, or just relaxing, it can all be done on this modern bench that features both wireless chargers and USB ports. Everyone will be able to chill and sit comfortably, since this bench can’t get warmer than 30 degrees Celsius.

This particular bench meets your needs

Sounds good, right? Can you already imagine how a solar bench will look in your area? It is available in every RAL colour, so you can pick any colour to match your city or company colours. It has tons of features and is easily placed – ready to use in no time! To get an idea of what it looks like in real life, browse through our Photo Gallery. Wonder about the maintenance? This type of bench is weather- and vandalism proof and we’ll only have to check it once a year.

Price per Unit:

  • Smart Solar Bench: 3.000 EUR
  • For ordering 10- 50 units: 2.700 EUR
  • For ordering 50 -100 units: 2.400 EUR

1. Price per outdoor TV unit ( 32 inch, IP67): 1.800,00 EUR
2. Emergency intercom: 440.00 EUR
3. Kinetic Tiles 1 square m2: 3.500,00 EUR
4. Environmental sensor: 600 EUR

NOTE: Price excluding VAT and installation cost is not included.


Are you ready to add a solar bench to your urban furniture?

Wouldn’t it be great to let people experience this innovative form of sustainable energy? This bench is perfect for an upgrade of your area – it meets all the needs of our modern society. Don’t miss out and learn more about these smart solar benches.

Technical Specifications:

Size solar bench: 230 x 74 x 50 cm (length x width x height)

Material: galvanized steel

Finish: powder coating

Weight: 140 kg

Placement: on concrete or equivalent with 2 internal bolts


Power supply: Solar panel

Output power: 150 W

Output voltage: 80 V

Electricity output: 5,3


Battery type: AGM

Voltage: 12,6 V

Cell type: AGM

Warranty on solar panel equipment 25 year if handled according to Instruction Manual
Warranty on batteries 5 to 7 years if handled according to Instruction Manual


Additional information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 230 x 74 x 50 cm