PBM – Process Business Management

Implement a process management software for your business.

The system consists in a series of modules for all departments within a company, like sales department, manufacture, financial accounting etc. The information is operated once and it is accessible to any module is required, thus saving resources and diminishes the likelihood of operating mistakes.

This software was designed especially for printing houses but it can be adapted to any field, due to its structure.


  • activities traceability;
  • eliminating human error;
  • simplification and standardization of work;
  • improve production;
  • reports

The structure of this software

  • a process consists of several stages, and each stage can have one or more tasks to be performed;
  • each player can be set to several stages;
  • tasks allow data entry, record conversations, editing and sending of documents, billing, sending emails etc.;
  • the flow is completely adaptable to the needs and specific procedures of each company.


  • the software can identify punctual rhythm breaks, and appreciate them as being part of the “I forgot” or overload category;
  • the software has access to additional functions of the price calculator, being focused on the cost / price / discount / price imposed;
  • this software gives you a better management of processes within the company;
  • PBM saves your time and gives you a more efficient production;
  • reducing human error with at least 60%;
  • improvement of all processes in the company with at least 20%;
  • 100% traceability of the whole business;
  • improve communication between departments with at least 56%;
  • reduce downtime by 15%;
  • improve execution times by 21%.




Additional information


• trasabilitatea activitatilor;
• eliminarea erorilor umane;
• simplificarea si standardizarea metodelor de lucru;
• imbunatatirea productiei;
• rapoarte.


• Poate sa identifice punctual ruperile de ritm, si sa le aprecieze ca facand parte din categoria de "am uitat" sau din categoria de supraincarcare;
• Are acces suplimentar la functii ale calculatorului de pret, pe axa cost/pret/discount/pret impus;
• Un mai bun management al proceselor din cadrul companiei;
• Economie de timp si eficienta productiei.


• reducerea erorilor umane cu minim 60%;
• ameliorarea tuturor proceselor din companie cu minim 20%;
• trasabilitatea intregii activitatii 100%;
• imbunatatirea comunicarii intre departamente cu minim 56%;
• reducerea timpilor morti cu 15%;
• imbunatatirea timpilor de executie cu 21%.