Monogenic Obesity® NGS SEQUENCING KIT

Monogenic Obesity® NGS SEQUENCING KIT is the NGS based kit developed to investigate the mutations known to cause monogenic obesity and which occur in 4 genes [LEP, LEPR, POMC and MC4R], in DNA molecules isolated from blood or tissue. This kit, which was developed to sequence all the exonic regions of the genes analysed in the Kit by the NGS method, achieves this with a single PCR reaction performed in 2 tubes.


Monogenic Obesity® NGS SEQUENCING KIT was developed to enable the identification of molecular etiology of monogenic obesity cases. The demonstration of genetic disorder in the monogenic obesity cases is extremely important in the diagnosis confirmation, genetic counselling, monitoring, and treatment.



Obesity Mutations Detection Kit with Next Generation Sequence Analysis

Obesity is now the most important public health problem in the world, causing significant problems both in the individual and social sense. While environmental effects and multifactorial inheritance are responsible for most cases of obesity, multiple forms of monogenic obesity have been reported.

In the majority of the monogenic obesity cases, molecular defects are detected in genes in the leptin-melanocortin signalling pathways. Biallelic mutations in the LEP, LEPR, PCSK1, and POMC genes, monoallelic mutations in the BDNF, MC4R, SIM1, and NTRK2 genes cause monogenic obesity.


Additional information


Number of Tests 50 reaction
Transportation Conditions With dry ice and cold chain
Main Material DNA
Storage -20°C
Sequence Type NGS
Kit Content PCR Mix, Primer Mix-I, Primer Mix-II