LAWYER Software

LAWYER Software is easy to use, is synchronized with the ECRIS system and manages various data. The difference between LAWYER Software and everything else on the market is the adaptability of this program. It can be adapted according to the client’s requirements, it is easy to use, a program designed to facilitate the work of a lawyer.

15 euros / month / lawyer can make the difference between an efficiently managed cabinet or the chaos that gives you headaches every day.

The first month is free to convince you of the efficiency of LAWYER Software, but we guarantee that this program will become your indispensable help in your daily work.

Our clients estimate an average savings of 500 euros / month per lawyer. Try the LAWYER Software for free and convince yourself. You can simulate whether the savings generated by LAWYER Software are even greater for you.

LAWYER Software is the perfect, friendly and efficient interface that imposes new standards. You can call us or send us an email to see how LAWYER Software works.

You can contact us using the form on the CONTACT US page.



Studying a file and moving from one case to another can generate human error, and the repetitive tasks that need to be performed in these processes are laborious. LAWYER Software successfully completes these tasks and always has the answers ready, regardless of whether it is a report on the time billed, deadlines or activities in the files with immediate interest.

A lawyer’s agenda can be a challenge for any nurse. Frequent changes that occur in the program are difficult to manage, but not impossible for LAWYER Software. Any changes can be reported by alterations on the phone or eMail to both the lawyer and the collaborators involved in the file.

Managing a large number of files, especially when more than one lawyer is involved, is not a problem for LAWYER Software. Any document entered into the system will be automatically accessible to facilitate the research and documentation process.

In order to convince yourself you will need to test LAWYER Software.

You can contact us using the form on the CONTACT US page.


Additional information

Securitatea și protecția datelor GDPR

Normele europene în vigoare presupun o atenție sporită în ceea ce privește datele persoanle, iar JURIST Software este actualizat în permanență pentru a oferi cele mai bune servicii în domeniu.

Bază de date cu clienții. DATA BASE CLIENTS

Fluctuația numărului de clienți, rulajul mare al dosarelor, dar și diversitatea acestora sunt facil de gestionat cu JURIST Software. Fiecare client introdus în sistem va avea propriul dosar cu datele necesare și istoricul plăților, dar și al termenelor în care a fost reprezentat.

Rentabilitate/calcul caz

Fiecare client și fiecare caz sunt individuale, iar într-o societate de avocați gestionarea din punct de vedere financiar al unui caz poate fi dificilă, mai ales sunt implicate mai multe persoane. JURIST Software poate furniza în orice moment rapoarte de tip contabil necesare în procesul de facturare.