Smart technology for agriculture

Haptic Meteo Station is a high-tech product that is designed for computer diagnostics and use in intensive agricultural production.
The purpose of Haptic Solar Meteo station is collecting, processing and displaying the meteorological data, providing timely information about starting, duration and intensity of attacks of certain plant diseases or pests.
With the parameters that are collected by the station it is possible to precisely determine the right time for plant protection treatment. The parameters at hand also give you the option of determining the right time for irrigation process if needed, application of agrotechnical measures in climatic conditions in which you can get the best possible results. Essentially it gives you the information you need to get the best possible results in growth and yield on your plantation.
With the right application you can make substantial savings of pesticides and savings in human or mechanical
resources. Collected meteorological data will assist in determining microclimatic conditions for specified location, which will facilitate a proper species, varieties and technology selection.



The Haptic Solar Meteo Station is the most sophisticated agricultural weather station available for agricultural use in the world today. The station comes with a software and a mobile application that allows user to see all the average and cumulative values of measured parameters in a desired time period (10 minutes, 2 hours, 6 hours, day, week, month, year).

There are various prognostic models built in the software that graphically present a possibility of disease incubation or occurrence based on the parameters collected by the station from its environment. Is coming with an Android application which allows user to view all of the measured parameters from the station, ten day weather forecast, temperature sum calculator, audio/ video archive and alarms. The app can be used on any model of Android mobile device (smartphone, tablet).


Additional information

Haptic Solar Meteo Station Parameters

Haptic Meteo weather station installed in your plantation measures agrometeorological parameters every 10
minutes, the data are then transferred to the server via GSM/GPRS mode. Haptic Meteo Station consists of a central
microprocessor unit and peripheral measuring instruments that measure following parameters:
 Air temperature
 Relative humidity
 Precipitation
 Leaf moisture
 Temperature in plant zone
 Soil temperature
 Wind direction and wind speed
 Global radiation
 Air pressure
 Soil moisture
 Dew point
 Evapotranspiration

Software description

 Transmits meteorological data from station to your PC. Graphic or table presentation of all data measured in real time;
 Automatically calculates and displays the average, minimum, maximum and/or cumulative values from the station in desired time period with a single click of a mouse;
 Gives you a disease prediction based on built in prognostic models, calculates an evapotranspiration, dew point and temperature sum(degree day, degree-hour);
 Allows you to copy, print or transfer all data as tabular or graphic presentation in another program;
 Allows an input of comments in graphical data display and much more.