Half Height Turnstiles

Half Height Turnstiles series are robust products functioning indoor and outdoor, provide pedestrian access control in areas requiring high level of security.

Cage type structure, manufactured from heavy gauge steel, enhances the strength of the Full Height and Half Height series to withstand against crowd pressure. Its heavy duty mechanics, ensures smooth operation while controlling thousands of people.

With proven ability to handle massive crowds in places like subways or stadiums, Full Height Turnstiles ensures robust solutions for crowd control.




Manufacturer Type Stainless Steel
Control /Operating Voltage 115-240 V AC / 24V DC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Normally Current 250 mA
Max Current 850 mA
Power Consumption 30 W
Passing Block Controlled rotating tripod arms placed at 90 ‘intervals
Tripod Locking With 24 V DC solenoids; locking occurs when solenoids are towed. (In case of panic, the system is cut off and turnstile becomes open to pass in both directions)
Passing Direction Control Free bi-direcitonal entry -exit control
Tripod Position Detection Detection of tripod position with microswitch
Motion Control When the cycle starts to one direction,the reverse is blocked and after a half turn the rest of the cycle is completed ,automatically and smoothly by a hydraulic shock absorber.
Installation Simple – easy installation with a special pedetal
Indıcators One light indicator on both direcitons
Dimensions Width: 1180 mm x Length: 1250 mm x Height: 1180 mm
Package Dimensions 135 cm x 130 cm x 235 cm
Package Weight  
Ops.Accessories Buton Unit,Remote Control,Counter
Ops.Paint Code 7001-7040-7035-9002-9005 (RAL )