Flexible Thin Solar Film

What we do is mainly facilitating solar energy projects as a total concept in which product and EPC as a service are woven as one package.

Our strategy is to use niche technology used in niche products to apply in niche markets :

• MWT cells as technology

• Flexible Thin Solar Film as product

• Markets which have not been served by the solar industry over the last years

We bring solutions in case of technical limits, esthetical requirement and legal difficulties. We bring solutions!

Our focus is on 10 different markets worldwide:

7 of them are in fixed asset markets

  • Industrial buildings low stability roofs
  • Heritage buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Flat roofs (Solar film = more production thanks to thin film)
  • Area’s sensitive to turbulences (eg. airports)
  • Sport facilities (swimming pools, football stadions…)
  • Skyscrapers

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Solar Panel Mounting Systems

VELCRO® Brand products are used to mount flexible solar panels to buildings with flat membrane roofs. The system can be rapidly installed, without penetrating the roofing system, is easy to maintain, and is removable. The largest system of its kind in the world was completed at a General Motors facility in Zaragoza, Spain, utilizing 85,000 solar panels and over 250 miles of our hook and loop fastening system.

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Additional information

Uses & Benefits

VELCRO® Solar Panel Mounting Uses & Benefits

Flat membrane roof installations with flexible solar panels
No roof penetrations
Labor savings


save on fuel

reduce co2 emissions

prolonge the long living of the battery

no or less use of alternator

in general lower maintenance costs

improving score at participation of tenders


ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System
ISO 14001: 2015 Environment Management System
ISO 45001: 2018 Occupation Health Safety Management System