• List of clients, contacts and organizations on all computers, in any format?
  • Missed appointment because you forgot to record date and time?
  • Sales lost because the sales man’s priorities change weekly?
  • Lack of focus on the short and medium term (not to mention long term strategies)?
  • Total opacity in customer relations?
  • Delays in delivering services and products?

These are quasi-general symptoms. We also faced something like this, until we implemented this CRM. Since then, the results are amazing.


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  • Management of organizations and contacts
    • Filters by activity field, interests, etc.
    • The possibility of mass marketing transmission (to see who opens the email or clicks)
    • Possibility to make lists similar to chimp mail
    • History / client in case he has several contracts with the consulting firm.
    • Automatic introduction into the history when sending the offer, contract, additional document.
    • The possibility to enter information such as birthday, customer details, etc.
  • Marketing
    • Defining marketing campaigns
    • Defining web forms (for data collection)
    • Adding prospectuses
  • Sales
    • Defining opportunities and offers
    • Periodic reports (daily, weekly) on sales activity
  • Management / billing
    • Billing services + timely alert + sending scheduled emails.
    • The possibility to introduce total / partial payments according to the contract – to observe the arrears
  • Projects
    • Definition of tasks and molestones
    • Graphic Gantt generation
  • Service contracts
    • Counting and billing time allocated to the client
    • Enter alert when customer subscription expires
  • Administration
    • Ability to create separate accounts for each user.
    • Possibility to import / export documents / lists
    • The ability to generate reports on areas of interest
    • Synchronization with company email
  • Automation
    • Automatic transmission of email client or employee when given a task (alert when the email is not opened)
    • Email when the conditions are fulfilled (events, birthdays)
  • Full customization of the application;
  • Possibility of automating processes in relation with clients;
  • Unlimited number of users;
  • Traceability of processes in relation with clients, respectively within the company;
  • Automatic alerts for (pre) defined events;
  • According to GDPR rules;
  • Clear record of support tickets and time allocated to each.
  • Generates alerts
  • It triggers actions or processes automatically, when certain predefined user conditions are met
  • Stores all the activity in the company (in relation with the clients, on the project and on the service contracts)
  • Send interesting messages (technical, commercial, greetings, alerts) to contacts
  • It replaces at least 25% of a person’s activity
  • Through strict records and alerts it generates at least EUR 1000 in the first month of use *

Additional information


Personalizarea completă a aplicației;
Posibilitatea de automatizare a proceselor în relatia cu clienții;
Număr nelimitat de utilizatori;
Trasabilitatea proceselor în relația cu clienții, respectiv în interiorul companiei;
Alerte automate la evenimente (pre)definite;
Conectivitatea bazei de date AIDA la motoarele de căutare, găsirea clientului în AIDA folosind motorul de căutare.
Respectă normele GDRP;
Evidență clară a tichetelor de suport și a timpului alocat fiecăruia.


Generează alerte
Declanșează acțiuni sau procese în mod automat atunci când sunt îndeplinite anumite condiții pre-definite de utilizator
Stochează toată activitatea din companie (în relația cu clienții, pe proiecte și pe contractele de service)
Trimite mesaje de interes (tehnice, comerciale, felicitări, alerte) către contacte.
Înlocuiește minimum 25% din activitatea unei persoane.