Compact Station

Compact Station is a unique charging station suitable as a communication tool for outdoor promotional/ educational events. Powered by solar and kinetic energy, each unit can serve as a mobile charger with LED lights in emergency situations.

By actively interacting with the product features, people will come to you.

Engage your customers differently to bring them closer to your brand and deliver effective promotional campaigns.

We provide customized branding with your company visuals.

RRP (Recommended Selling Price) PER UNIT:

  • Compact Solar Charging Station with advertising posters on both sides: 3.900,00 EURO

Note: Branding of the station included in the price. Branding includes: Colors at demand, stickers at the top of the station.

Remote management packages:

  • Basic Package: free of charge
  • Advanced Package: 70 EURO per station per month
  • Premium Package: 100 EURO per station per month

NOTE: Price excluding VAT and installation cost is not included.


Technical Specifications

  • 8 pre-installed chargers for all types of smartphones and portable devices;
  • 1 Wireless charging pad;
  • Powered by solar panel (up to 150 W) and kinetic energy tiles (power rating: 5 Watts continuous
    power from footsteps);
  • 30 W LED light;
  • Kinetic tiles harvest energy from footsteps providing an excellent opportunity to interact with
    customers and visitors;
  • Suitable for external and internal use*;
  • Easy to transport and install at any location of interest.


  • Interactive Point of Sale for brand promotion and customer engagement (charging of smart devices
    and kinetic energy generation);
  • Perfect for festivals, sporting events, concerts and promotional activities;
  • Different branding options of the product advertising space;
  • The basic version comes without kinetic tiles, optionally one or more per customer request;
  • Features: Custom colors, Wi-Fi router, SOS button, LED lighting in Brand colors, RGB light;
  • Directly purchase or rent Compact at certain fee per week.

*Technical adjustment for indoor: back-up power supply 220 V / 110 V

Warranty on solar panel equipment 25 year if handled according to Instruction Manual
Warranty on batteries 5 to 7 years if handled according to Instruction Manual