Civil Aviation Monitoring Software

A comprehensive security management software solution for airports and civil aviation authorities which integrates with existing security infrastructure and adapts to local policies, regulations and environment. 

A developed a software for access to the restricted areas. It is a great tool for airports that need to have a precise picture of every movement within the air-side.

Civil Aviation Monitoring Software manages perfectly all the entries and the exits within the restricted areas of an airport.

Certifications: ISO 27001:2013, conformity with EC 73/2010 and 139/2014





The software is designed only to airport’s personnel and to tiers (e.g. airport providers) that need to have access to restricted areas. Once the person is assigned with a badge (or with an entry permit card), it is stated the tools he/she has access to. At the security check, once the card is scanned, the holder’s photo is shown on the screen. At the same time, another window pops up, with the tools/objects he/she has right to take in. As a consequence, the security agent checks more easy the objects that are allowed to be taken.

The precise entry time is registered and, if the person does not get out within the working hours, an alert is given to the security personnel.