CityHub is a multi-functional green energy charging station that provides economic, social and environmental benefits for future sustainable cities. Development of new infrastructure is a prerequisite for implementation of smart city initiatives.

CityHub offers unique solutions to address the future.

  • With 520 W of power from our solar panels, our CityHub charging station is off-the-grid solution with no electricity costs for the city.
  • Harvesting energy from footsteps creates additional power source for our CityHub station.
  • Controlling/monitoring functions enable clients to remotely manage the unit by receiving real-time data and analytics that eliminate the need for physical maintenance checks.
  • Save on light performance with our latest most efficient LED technology to illuminate your advertising area with zero cost of electricity.
  • Recognizing the need to stay on-line, we deliver Wi-Fi hotspot within 5 meters around the CityHub station.
  • Smart device battery is a never ending problem.
  • CityHub provides free power with 14 per-installed cables and WI-Fl charging.
  • Our advertising panels will deliver faster return on investments coupled with no electricity costs for energy.
  • Enabling a safer environment is our core objective.
  • CityHub integrates SOS button that will help your citizens communicate with city services in emergency situations.


  • Solar Charging Station with advertising posters on both sides: 8.000,00 EURo
    • Note: Branding of the station included in the price. Branding includes: Colors at demand, stickers at the top of the station
  • Remote management packages:
    • Basic Package: free of chargeoAdvanced Package: 70 EUR per station per month
    • Premium Package: 100 EUR per station per month


  • Price per TV unit ( 32 inch, IP67): 1.800,00 EUR
  • Remote control of the charging station: 1.200,00 EUR
  • Wi-FI hot spot: 550.00 EUR
  • Emergency intercom: 440.00 EUR
  • Bench: 500.00 EUR
  • Kinetic Tiles 1 square m2: 3.500,00 EUR

NOTE: Price excluding VAT and installation cost is not included.


CityHub has built-in sensors supported by dedicated loT platform.

Our data analytics system is scalable enabling cities/infrastructure operators to add different sensors such as:

  • air quality monitoring,
  • traffic monitoring,
  • real-time energy demand response,
  • smart water metering,
  • city-wide intelligent parking and much more.

The impact of CityHub charging station translates into improved public services for citizens, more efficient resource
utilization for cities and implementation of green environmental practices.

Warranty on solar panel equipment 25 years if handled according to Instruction Manuel
Warranty on batteries 5-7 years if handled according to Instruction Manuel
Warranty on metal construction 10 years



Additional information

Weight 850 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 370 cm