CardioMed Software

The computerization of the medical system has become one of the most important segments in the evolution of the medical solutions, offering for this purpose the quality of medical services through the automation of the processes.

The use of information media in the medical sector brings an additional benefit to the final beneficiary, namely the patient by managing the consultation and medication by the decision-maker, namely the doctor. This eliminates human errors that may occur during consultation and treatment. Moreover, the effort to complete the forms is reduced, which increases the time allocated to the doctor-patient relationship.

The use of the application allows access to the electronic file of the patient’s health and its management, which allows the doctor a quick access to the patient’s history, of the medication used by him. This brings transparency and dynamics in the medical act.

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IT features of the solution proposed are:

  • Issuing all necessary documents;
  • Medical Letter;
  • Patient management;
  • Reminder to the doctor and patients that the deadline for a new consultation is approaching;
  • Reminder for doctor and patient the day before a scheduled consultation;
  • Generation of statistics and reports;
  • History of all patient consultations.

Description workflow

  • Creating the patient with the necessary personal data;
  • Creating a consultation according to the patient’s CNP, following certain steps of the consultation;
  • Following the creations of the consultation we can add other additional medications besides those generated automatically based on the values ​​inserted in the consultation;
  • Generating the medical letter and scheduling the next consultation.


  • The duration of the issuance of all documents related to a consultation is reduced to less than 1 minute;
  • Generation of all documents without further effort;
  • Regardless of the duration of use of the application, the data belongs to the doctor, who has access to them whenever he wishes;
  • Access to the application can be done from any location where an Internet connection is available;
  • Easy financial situation;
  • Reminders related to schedules and consultations, which eliminate temporary syncopes.

You can contact us using the form on the CONTACT US page