Airport Security Software

Safety measures, especially within the airports, will be stronger than ever. Events from March 2016 in Zaventen have shown that airports need to be one step ahead in every field of action. Within this context, airport administrators have to bear in mind that access to air-sides and operational sides have to be better managed.

Airport Security Software has developed a lot of innovative products and services, from robots to remote support for companies, insuring remote maintenance for big players in the world’s industry. The newly developed airport security software is designed for airport activities. The company has developed a tarmac and runway access software that manages perfectly all the entries and the exits within the restricted areas of an airport. Operational sides and air sides are very well monitored due to this software, its integrated services being a great advantage for the security companies.




Runway access software

The software is designed only to airport’s personnel and to tiers (e.g. airport providers) that need to have access to restricted areas. Once the person is assigned with a badge (or with an entry permit card), it is stated the tools he/she has access to. At the security check, once the card is scanned, the holder’s photo is shown on the screen. At the same time, another window pops up, with the tools/objects he/she has right to take in. As a consequence, the security agent checks more easy the objects that are allowed to be taken. The precise entry time is registered and, if the person does not get out within the working hours, an alert is given to the security personnel.

Certifications: ISO 27001:2013, conformity with EC 73/2010 and 139/2014

The system leads to a very efficient activity at the ramp and it points out very accurate reports such as: maintenance at the lighting system, inspections of runway, works achieved, etc. It can also have a very strict observation of the runway cracks, corrosion, minor or major risk factors in airport’s daily activity.