Partnerships for Horizon Europe: Smart Cities Projects


Aricestii Rahtivani, November 29, 2023: Haptic R&D Consulting, an engineering business consultancy company, proudly announces its participation in the esteemed event “Partnerships for Horizon Europe: Smart Cities Projects.” This event, aimed at fostering collaborative endeavors in the realm of smart cities, will be hosted virtually on December 05 – 20, 2023.

As a frontrunner in cutting-edge innovation technology, Haptic R&D Consulting eagerly anticipates engaging with like-minded visionaries, industry experts, and stakeholders at this significant event. Through its participation, Haptic R&D Consulting aims to explore and contribute its expertise to the dynamic landscape of smart cities, focusing on the integration of innovation solutions for enhanced urban experiences.

“At Haptic R&D Consulting, we are committed to leveraging technological innovations to redefine the urban landscape and enrich citizen experiences,” stated Daniel Chirtes, the Founder at Haptic R&D Consulting. “Participating in ‘Partnerships for Horizon Europe’ presents an invaluable opportunity to collaborate, share insights, and forge alliances that will drive the advancement of smart city initiatives.”

The event, tailored to facilitate networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, aligns seamlessly with Haptic R&D Consulting’s mission to propel innovation in urban environments. By engaging in discussions and workshops centered on Horizon Europe’s smart cities projects, Haptic R&D Consulting endeavors to contribute its expertise in innovation technologies, aiming to revolutionize the way cities interact with their inhabitants.

For more information about Haptic R&D Consulting’s participation in “Partnerships for Horizon Europe: Smart Cities Projects,” visit Partnerships for Horizon Europe: ideas & competences for Smart City projects – 5th Edition – About the event ( To connect with Haptic R&D Consulting’s representatives during the event, please schedule a meeting via the event platform.

About Haptic R&D Consulting:
Haptic R&D Consulting is a trailblazing consultancy specializing in the development and integration of innovation technology solutions across diverse industries. Looking to bring its innovative approach and expertise in tactile interfaces, the company focuses on revolutionizing user experiences through cutting-edge tech innovations.

This news release highlights Haptic R&D Consulting’s enthusiastic participation in the event, emphasizing its commitment to innovation in smart cities and the integration of new technology for transformative urban experiences.