OMAN ENERGY & WATER – Conference & Exhibition

About Oman Energy & Water Conference & Exhibition
The Oman Energy & Water Conference & Exhibition is an international event dedicated to power generation, transmission and distribution, renewable and alternative energy applications, water and wastewater-related industries. It is designed to be a platform for stakeholders to discuss real issues and solutions to the energy and water challenges and opportunities in Oman.

Oman is on the verge of a major shift to renewable energy as the government implements regulations and projects to harness the potential of solar and wind resources. The strategy is to support the nation’s transition from gas-based electricity generation to renewables and other sustainable energy sources.
Oman’s demand for electricity will increase from 6.7 GW in 2017 to 10 GW by 2024 to meet the growing economic needs and population of the country. Oman ranks first in the region for efficient utilization of natural gas in electricity sector and as much as 32.3 billion standard cubic meters or one-quarter of Oman’s domestic natural gas production is currently being used to power electricity generation and water desalination plants.

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