NXP Kinetis Software Supports HomeKit for Home Automation Applications

NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ:NXPI) today announced that its new Software Development Kit (SDK) for Kinetis microcontrollers (MCUs) offers support for home automation applications using Apple HomeKit™ technology. Leveraging the outstanding performance and advanced Bluetooth Smart connectivity of NXP’s Kinetis products, the solution streamlines development for a wide range of HomeKit compatible products.

HOMEKIT-SDK-BOARDHomeKit is a framework in iOS that lets accessories connect seamlessly so people can better manage their homes. It offers a set of common protocols which enable accessories to work together easily and securely, and allows consumers to control them simply using Siri. HomeKit is built on a secure foundation with end-to-end encryption, providing customers a secure connection between their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and HomeKit-enabled accessories.

HomeKit software from NXP works with Kinetis K MCUs such as the K11, K22, K24 and K26, while Kinetis KW40Z or KW30Z wireless MCUs provide Bluetooth Smart functionality.Based on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 core, Kinetis K series MCUs provide exceptional performance and highly efficient processing to meet HomeKit cryptography requirements. Many Kinetis MCUs also incorporate a wide array of advanced security features such as cryptographic keys storage, software and system protection options, a hardware random number generator (RNG), and integrated system tamper detection.

“Home automation is on the rise and consumers want assurance that their devices are compatible and that their connections are secure,” said Emmanuel Sambuis, director of microcontrollers at NXP. “NXP’s popular family of Kinetis MCUs now provides HomeKit support, enabling fast and efficient design for a broad spectrum of home automation products for the secure IoT.”

The first product based on NXP Kinetis technology with HomeKit support is the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt from Allegion®, already available in retail stores including the Apple Store. Schlage’s solution is HomeKit compatible and leverages the performance and security capabilities of the Kinetis K11 MCU. It is designed to let users control door locks using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The Schlage Sense™ solution also helps users manage and store multiple access codes and share electronic access.

Availability and support
NXP’s SDK with HomeKit support is now available. The SDK includes a royalty-free NXP Bluetooth Smart host stack with 20 GATT profiles, all fully compliant with the Bluetooth Smart 4.1 specification. In addition, NXP professional services are available to help customers with hardware and software development, plus system integration and customization.

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