Next Generation VisualSystem VR goggles with integrated eyetracking!

NordicNeuroLab announces the arrival of its next generation VisualSystem!

Taking advantage of the latest technology, our next generation goggle, with integrated high performance eye-tracking, will bring new and unmatched possibilities within MR neuroscience research.

visual_thumbMain product highlights*

  1. HD OLED Display:
    • Full HD resolution (1920 x 1200)
    • 85 Hz refresh rate
  2. Integrated Binocular EyeTracking:
    • high speed sensors (> 250 Hz)
    • overlapping frame capture
    • multiple, configurable IR-illumination sources
    • capture on optical axis
  3. New Optical System:
    • 60 degrees field of view
    • pixel density of 36 pixels per degree
    • -10 to +5 diopter correction
  4. Integrated IPD and Focus Adjustment:
    • IPD range: 40mm to 75mm
    • flexible coil fixation

*Product under development – specifications subject to changes

To get the preview of this new, amazing product, please see the video.


Source: NordicNeuroLab