A new super high-speed, high accuracy 3D printing technology

DLP 3D, Korean printer manufacturer, Carima (CEO: Byungkeuk, Lee) attended 3d printing exhibition in Tokyo, announcing new product and c-cat technology (continuous additive 3D printing technology) to the public in Japan.

08_impCarima announced the fastest speed worldwide, high accuracy 3D printing technology that can build continuously, which is called C-CAT, at euromold exhibition last year and is preparing for product release. C-CAT technology can print 60㎤ per hour with layer thickness of 0.001mm. It offers incredible fast technology compare to existing speed of printing 2~3㎤ per hour with layer thickness of 0.1 mm

With C-CAT technology commercialization, It is expected that It will transform manufacturing & plastic industry. Carima is ahead of united states, european countries in 3d printing technology offering good performance and easy operation. We believe that It will improve level of Korea’s 3d printing industry as high as the one of global competitiveness.

Carima’s imp model (release soon) is going to take c-cat technology, All visitors at 3d printing exhibition in tokyo are seeing print quality by high speed, high resolution printer, carima received inquiries of being resellers or wheter to buy. imp model is designed to target jewelry dental industry and is compatible with materials including plastic, flexible, casting wax. 3D printing Affiliates are showing their strong interest in the product.

Carima has currently product line-up of DP110E for office and EV machines for industrial usage. The CEO of Carima, Mr. Lee says that “It is expected to offer current products of DP series, imp series in a row upgrading C-CAT technology”.

3D printer manufacturer, Carima possess patents and own 3D printing process based on DLP technology. It has been ranked as 7th industrial 3D printer among worldwide and has been recognized as having excellent 3D printing technology. Also, It’s exported to 30+ countries including asia, european countries, egypt and so on. It is leading and promising company receiving inquiries about investment, technical cooperation from global companies.

To learn more about carima’s 3D printers, please visit www.carima.com.