A New ”Smart Home Hub” take control of every smart device in a user’s home

With this week’s news hitting the streets that Amazon’s Alexa plans to introduce a seven-inch touchscreen display, Silicon Valleybased startup SmartBeings, Inc. is glad to see the market now moving toward a position they targeted last year, effectively substantiating the fact that SmartBeings is “truly onto something big.”

Earlier this month, SmartBeings introduced WooHoo, the world’s first AI-embedded, interactive and affordable smart home hub that enables comprehensive control of every smart device in a user’s home, one of the most prominent features of which is a seven inch LED touchscreen display.

Set to launch next month at a major consumer electronic show in Las Vegas, with production scheduled for Q2 2017, WooHoo has already captured an Innovation Award while also earning accolades as one of the Top 50 Most Innovative Products of 2016 by Innovation & Tech Today Magazine.

“We are thrilled that the word on the street is that Amazon is also coming out with a product that includes a seven-inch screen,” said Joseph Santos, Smart Beings’ Chief Digital and Marketing Officer. “We knew our product, with full video integration, was a wave of the future, and this news serves to further substantiate our position.

“Looking ahead toward our product launch window, we really like our position in the market; squarely focused on making a smart home device that is full featured, yet more user friendly.” With a 360-degree camera, full video integration, facial recognition and natural language processing, WooHoo provides a unique bundle of functionality that simplifies the experience with intuitive, easy-to-use software, which not only enables users to manage all connected home devices, but brings a connected smart home environment to the mainstream user, including the growing population of seniors living independently.

According to Keith Williams, SmartBeings’ Global Vice President of Business Development, the pending launch of WooHoo is only the beginning of what promises to become an ever-evolving, continuously upgradeable product.

“Once our WooHoo hub hardware is deployed, we will be forever working on improving and integrating new user-friendly features designed specifically to increase performance; constantly making available software upgrades and enhancements for the life of the product,” Williams said. “Smart Beings is a young and agile company, capable of reacting quickly to customer feedback. By listening to our users, we will incorporate enhancements designed to maintain the highest levels of privacy and security, so we really do take the worry away … “

Additional “Smart Home Hub” planned features include powerful speakers with voice recognition and control; live video and temperature and smoke sensors, among others. The final version of the product will come in five available colors.

For additional information, please visit www.smartbeings.com.