New Smart Garment for Runners

Lumo   Bodytech,   the   makers   of   Lumo   Lift,   announced   today   an  innovative  new  garment  that  will provide  runners  with  real time  feedback  on  their  performance.  Proper  form  can  help  runners  increase  their speed,  distance,  and  prevent  injuries.  The  Lumo  Run  running  shorts  feature  a  9 – axis  smart  sensor  that  monitors  and  alerts  users  on  their  running  form.  The  result?  Your  own  personal  running  coach.


Proper  form  is  essential  to  help  runners achieve  their  personal  performance  goals,  but it is  a  challenge  to  maintain,  particularly  on  long runs.  Lumo  Run  helps  runners  train  the same way  professional  athletes do, with  customized coaching  and  research  grade  insights.  Its features  include:

  • Continuous biomechanic measurement of the   factors   most   closely   tied   to running efficiency including  cadence, stride  length, ground contact time,  and pelvic  rotation, among  others;
  • An  invisible  smart  sensor  integrated directly  into  machine – washable  running  shorts;
  • Real time  audio  feedback  on  performance  delivered through  a  smartphone  app.

”There  currently  isn’t  an  option  for  self-motivated  runners  to  easily  and  affordably  track  their running efficiency   and   performance.   I   am   a   runner   myself   and   recognized   the   need   to   help   everyday runners prevent   injury   and   get   the  best   possible   form   to   achieve   their   goals,”   said   Monisha   Perkash, CEO   of  Lumo  Bodytech.  “Lumo  Run  can  support  runners  when  a  coach  is  not  present  to  help  push  them to  the  next   level.   Or   it   can   be   used   with   a   coach   to   guide   training.   We’re   thrilled   to   bring the sophisticated  biomechanics  technology  that  has  made  Lumo  Lift  such  a  success  to  runners  every.”

Lumo   run   was   created   in   collaboration   with   leading   sports   biomechanics   experts   at Loughborough University   in   the   UK.   Their   state-of-the-art   biomechanics   research   has   created   new   knowledge   about  running  technique,  identifying  the  key  characteristics  for  the  ideal  running  form.

“Our  new  scientific  work  has  revealed  a  number  of  key  metrics  of  running  technique  that  differentiate  faster and  more  efficient  runners,  which  was  previously  unknown,”  said  Dr  Jonathan  Folland,  who  led  the Loughborough  research  team.    To  turn  these  exciting  findings  into  a  practical  benefit  for runners the Loughborough  team  and  Lumo  Bodytech  have  been  consulting  with  elite  level  coaches  and runner to develop  Lumo  Run.  “Avid  runners  will  now  be  able  to  access  lab-level  feedback  thanks  to  the technology developed  by  Lumo  Body.”

“Most  runners  are  high  achievers.  They  want  to  push  themselves  to  the  limit  to  reach  their  goals,”  said clinical  biomechanist and  marathon  runner  Rebecca  Shultz,  Ph.D.  “But  nothing  will  slow  your  progress  as much  as  an  injury  and  it  is  estimated  that  up  to  80  percent  of  runners  will  experience  a  lower extremity injury at   some   point   in   their   running   careers.   Improper   form   accompanied   by   training   is the number  one  reason  runners  get  injured.  Lumo  Run  will  be  a  valuable  tool  for  runners  everywhere.  I also believe  it  will  help  us  advance  the  study  of  running  biomechanics.”

About  Lumo
Lumo   Bodytech   has   developed   a   technology   platform   that   leverages   smart   sensors   and   software to optimize   performance   and   address   human   biomechanics   through   the   real time   tracking   of body movement. Lumo’s  products  empower  you  to  be  the  best  version  of  yourself.  Current  Lumo Bodytech products  include  the  Lumo  Lift  and  Lumo  Back  posture  coaches  and  activity  trackers,  as  well  as the  Lumo  Run   smart   running   shorts.   Lumo   Bodytech   is   privately held   and   headquartered   in   Palo   Alto, CA.  Information   on   Lumo   Bodytech   and   their   products is available at

Source: Lumo Bodytech