The new secure data system in Switzerland !

More innovation from this year’s Partner Country – CeBIT 2016 in Hannover marks the world première of Secure Swiss Data‘s encoded email and data services, featuring cloud-based functions for calendars, notes, appointment diaries, task management and more.

secure-swiss-data_content_image_position_right_leftCeBIT 2016 is a very special occasion for Secure Swiss Data, as the world’s leading forum for the digitalization of society and industry hosts the first ever public presentation of this solution. Proudly representing this year’s Partner Country of Switzerland, Secure Swiss Data is showcasing a range of encrypted email and data services that includes cloud-based solutions for calendars, notes, appointment diaries, task management and filing systems. All services are automatically integrated into the email dashboard and immediately synchronized across all connected devices. Contacts can be organized into groups and used for mailing lists, while address books can be shared between relevant users.

All data is stored exclusively in Switzerland, where it is protected by a unique combination of services, statutory provisions, operating principles and exceptionally intelligent technology. This prevents data and profiling information from ever being used for commercial purposes. Operated by Kolab Systems AG, the entire platform is also completely ad-free. With Secure Swiss Data, users can enjoy all the benefits of a Swiss-based cloud without any compromise on freedom and choice.

Source: CEBIT