New Picking Solution for Logistics, E-Commerce, and Material Handling Industries

With the explosive growth in e-commerce and a shrinking workforce, pressures have never been higher on warehouses to fulfill orders faster and more efficiently. To address these challenges, RightHand Robotics today introduced RightPick, a combined hardware and software solution that handles the key task of picking individual items, or “piece-picking.”

With RightPick, businesses are able to reduce the cost and improve the reliability of e-commerce order-fulfillment for pharmaceuticals, electronics, grocery, apparel, and countless other industries. As e-commerce continues to grow, the trend is away from bulk or pallet-load handling toward single SKUs and piecemeal items expands along with it. RightPick works in concert with all industry-leading robotic arms. The company will be demonstrating RightPick at ProMat 2017.

The core competency of the RightPick solution is picking “pieces,” individual items.  As e-commerce continues to grow, the trend away from bulk or pallet-load handling toward single SKUs and piecemeal items expands along with it.  

“The supply chain of the future is more about pieces than pallets,” according to RightHand Robotics Co-Founder Leif Jentoft. “RightHand can help material handling, 3PLs, and e-commerce warehouses lower costs by increasing automation.”

Unlike traditional factory robots, RightPick handles thousands of different items using a machine learning backend coupled with a sensorized robot hand that works in concert with all industry-leading robotic arms.  

The time to value of RightPick can be demonstrated in a matter of hours, as RightHand offers rapid setup, remote support, and easy integration. RightPick is able to quickly demonstrate value in a wide variety of workflows, such as sorting batch-picked items, picking items from Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), inducting items to a unit sorter, order quality assurance, and more.

The company will be exhibiting RightPick at ProMat 2017.


RightHand Robotics also announced today that it has raised $8 million in Series A funding from Playground Global, Matrix Partners, Seven Seas Partners, Dream Incubator and angel investors. The new capital will be used to expand product development, hiring and marketing.

“RightHand Robotics has created a transformative technology combining machine learning and smart hardware to address a tremendous opportunity in the logistics industry,” says investor Andy Rubin, Founder and CEO at Playground Global. “For the first time, affordable industrial robots can grasp things they have never seen before.”

About RightHand Robotics

RightHand Robotics is a pioneer in providing end-to-end robotic picking solutions that improve the performance of e-commerce order-fulfillment. RHR is comprised of a team of researchers from the Harvard Biorobotics Lab, the Yale GRAB Lab, and MIT. The company is based in Somerville, MA. For more information, please visit

Source: RightHand Robotics