New Human-Sized 3D Scanner

3D MakerJet Inc. (OTCPK: MRJT) introduced its new “open air” human-sized 3D scanner at its Orlando showroom by scanning Michael Pinera of Iron Butterfly and Blues Image fame, whose hit “Ride Captain Ride” became a Billboard sensation in 1970 and a popular anthem for an entire generation of rockers. While Pinera was the first, several celebrities have since been memorialized by the Company’s new product.

originator-20-8Working to advance scanning technology, 3D MakerJet’s full body scanner simplifies the user experience. The Company’s model comes complete with a single stand-alone processor, display and proprietary software. This streamlined processor is in stark contrast to many of the bulky and claustrophobic enclosed scanners on the market. 3D MakerJet’s model simply requires the subject to step onto an open revolving base and the entire process takes less than five minutes.

“Our new, large, rotating scanner is revolutionary, as it can scan a person, or even an engine crankshaft—feeding the image to our 3D printer models to print an exact replica,” said John Crippen, President of 3D MakerJet Inc.

The Company is marketing this innovative scanner to businesses and venues where this technology has not yet been available. The Company also anticipates numerous law enforcement applications for the new product. Those interested in seeing this cutting edge technology can view it at the Company’s showroom located at the Orlando
Quorum Center, 4303 Vineland Road, Suite F2, Orlando, FL, 32811.

About 3D MakerJet
3D MakerJet, Inc. is committed to the development, production and sales of plastic, medical, culinary and powderless metal 3D printers for the consumer, professional and small business markets. 3D MakerJet is supplied by one of the largest 3D printing Research, Development and Manufacturing entities in the world, ZBOT/Guangzhou DNSPOWER Design Co. LTD. A cutting-edge developer, ZBOT was awarded the CDA National Design Award for its ZBOT 3D Printer, the platform of the 3D MakerJet line and the only CDA winner at the Civilian level, reflecting the product’s superior quality, as well as the manufacturer’s comprehensive strength, commitment and capabilities.

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