A new family of MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensors for high-end FADEC applications

MEMSCAP (NYSE Euronext: MEMS), the leading provider of innovative solutions based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology, today announces the launch of the development of piezoresistive best-in class sensors for FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) applications.

The launch of “STEGS” (Sensor Technology for Green and Safe Jet Engines), a 3 year, € 1.3M funded project to support the development of robust, reliable, accurate and stable pressure sensors to fit the future needs of the avionics industry was just announced by the Norwegian state agency in charge of user-driven research and development.

Led by MEMSCAP with the participation of SINTEF, the project “STEGS” aims at supporting the development of a new family of MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensors for high-end FADEC applications. Agreements with prestigious US companies and US government agencies in the field of space exploration and avionics have been set up for them to be the pilot customers of this new generation of products and to evaluate them in harsh environments.

In the target of FADEC applications, sensors are key for reduced fuel consumption as they enable an optimized use of the engine and its reduced wear over time. They also enable the monitoring of the engine working conditions and give early warnings about potentially fatal failures.

“STEGS” will capitalize on the unique know-how of MEMSCAP regarding drift phenomena and other key features of the MEMSCAP present solution to provide robust solutions to the market segment of FADEC, one of the most demanding applications in the field of avionics and aerospace.

MEMSCAP modular aerospace products are designed for all the aeronautics control systems worldwide, and their applications range from engine control, altitude and cabin pressure control, air data, to altimeters, air speed indicators and space applications.

MEMSCAP is the leading provider of innovative micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)-based solutions. MEMSCAP standard and custom products and solutions include components, component designs (IP), manufacturing and related services. MEMSCAP customers include Fortune 500 businesses, major research institutes and universities. The company’s shares are traded on the Eurolist of NYSE  Euronext Paris S.A (ISIN: FR0010298620-MEMS). More information on the company’s products and services can be obtained at www.memscap.com.


Source: Memscap