NanoHeat – Leading the way in hyperthermia research

nanoscience-laboratoriesNanoScience Laboratories launches the NanoHeat, the most advanced and accurate device available for the testing of magnetic nanoparticle heating.

NanoScience Laboratories is pleased to announce the launch of the NanoHeat, a device designed to measure the heating efficiency of magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia applications.  The NanoHeat has the widest frequency range, highest field strength and highest definition (number of frequencies) of any commercially available device.

NanoScience Laboratories’s  primary business is the supply of high quality user-friendly scientific devices and associated products to research laboratories in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and academia. The NanoHeat was developed from The Company’s more than 60 years expertise in the field of test equipment design and development and laboratory instrumentation and software control design including previous heater designs, and also research expertise in the area of magnetic hyperthermia. The Company also has patent applications pending for larger designs to facilitate research on large samples and ultimately human sized heaters.

nanoheatDr Neil Farrow, Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are delighted to launch the NanoHeat and feel confident it will have an impact in further developing this promising cancer therapy ”. He added, “We have other ground breaking instrumentation in our product development pipeline which will assist researchers in the field including an affordable device for accurately measure the strength of high frequency alternating magnetic fields, a first in this area. We are committed to developing magnetic fluid hyperthermia towards a viable clinical therapy by providing researchers with our instrumentation and technical and research support”.

About NanoScience Laboratories

NanoScience Laboratories Ltd was formed in July 2014 to develop cancer therapies. Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia (MFH) uses alternating magnetic fields to non-invasively heat nanoparticles targeted to tumors. The instrumentation provided by NanoScience Laboratories allows researchers to test their nanoparticle designs for their efficacy at killing cancer cells. Testing requires accurate, reproducible, reliable and wide-ranging magnetic field frequencies. The NanoHeat meets these requirements in a user-friendly computer controlled device, allowing researchers to concentrate on the tricky work of developing efficient nanoparticles. The long-term goal of the Company is to develop this technique from an experimental therapy to a clinical therapy. They are passionate about driving MFH forwards to a viable clinical treatment and have designs for larger instruments and associated devices to realise this goal. Together with their in-house expertise they also draw on the expertise of associates in the fields of design and engineering and scientific collaborations with research institutes. The instrumentation is designed and manufactured in-house in the UK and NanoScience Laboratories supplies customers worldwide.

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