Moving Towards Industry 4.0

This Marcus Evans conference event will provide a pan-European insight in Industry 4.0 and its development. It is a unique opportunity for Industry 4.0 and manufacturing specialist to discuss the challenges of implementing Industry 4.0 principles. Practical cases will be presented to highlight the key success factors for Man- Machine interaction, the application of industry 4.0 Principles and its impacts on improving innovation and R&D. This conference will also explore the means by which we can guarantee high quality data extraction and analysis through IoT analytics. Industry 4.0 requires smart use energy and resources and allow for sustainability. Companies increase their efforts to improve their manufacturing processes and methodologies to enhance innovation, gain and maintain competitive advantage.

Attending this premier marcus evans conference will enable you to:

  • Ensure Man Machine interaction
  • Ensure cybersecurity
  • Improve innovation and R&D through the application of Industry 4.0 principles
  • Improve the use of IoT analytics application for a better data extraction and analysis
  • Achieve the value chain continuity when moving towards industry 4.0

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