The Lexus Remote Touch Interface incorporates a slide haptic joystick mechanism

The Lexus Remote Touch Interface (RTI) multi-function control device has been designed for optimum user-friendliness and ease of operation. It is linked to the world’s largest on-board multimedia display: a 12.3-inch, full colour, liquid crystal Electro Multi Vision (EMV) screen with an ultra-wide, 24:9 format.

The RTI system incorporates a slide haptic joystick mechanism -a planar slide-type controller, much like a computer mouse, that allows users to scroll quickly and easily across the display screen.


In addition to simply pushing the controller, the ENTER function can now be controlled with switches located on either side of the unit. A Back function switch has also been provided in front of the Remote Touch knob.

In addition to full screen displays such as the navigation map, the EMV screen’s size allows for the permanent display of two types of information simultaneously, such as map/audio, Night View/map and navigation input/incoming call.

The new GS’s multimedia systems have also been enhanced through new screen layouts and additional functions. The audio and radio display screens have been redesigned to improve visibility and operability, a total of 72 station presets is now available, and a DAB tuner has been added to the system. Both Shortcut and Main menus have been added to the voice recognition display, and a speed dial function has been added to the hands-free phone system for added convenience.

Source: Toyota