Being the only domestic and unrivaled event of the sectors it covers,
The largest exhibition of the industries it covers, in the South-East Europe,
The second largest one in the Middle East and Africa,
ISAF will bring together all the partners of the sector for the 26th time
On October 13-16, 2022.

Having so far grown every year since 1999 it was first held, ISAF has continued its growth even during the pandemic period. Having experienced, in the 2021 organization, a noteworthy increase in the number of visitors in comparison with the previous year, ISAF is preparing for 2022 with a forecast about a more significant growth.

Having so far achieved momentous growth rates every year since the day it was first held, ISAF Exhibition has, in parallel with this growth, relocated to larger halls as the halls it has been held for many years have become insufficient. The main objective of this transition in ISAF which has relocated to more spacious sites (Halls 5-6-7) in the Istanbul Exhibition Center is to arrange for the participation of the companies that were not able to participate in the previous years due to the fully occupied capacity of the exhibition site and to counterbalance the growth in the sector.

Along with the growth of the exhibition site, Homeland Security industry has also been incorporated into the ISAF as that has been planned for a long time. A noteworthy demand from both the industry and ISAF visitors will have been met thanks to this advancement.

As a consequence of the expansion in the exhibition site and the incorporation of new sectors of great importance along with the current growth potential of the ISAF Exhibition, a minimum rate of 150% in growth is targeted at the number of the booths, the number of the participating companies and the area occupied in the exhibition. As a result of all these changes, the sector representatives who could not participate in ISAF will be able to participate in ISAF and benefit from the trade briskness brought about by the exhibition thanks to the area expansion.

Ranking alongside the world’s leading events in the sectors it covers, ISAF will, in 2022, bring together 5 inseparably connected sectors of great importance via hosting

  • ISAF Security – 26th International Security and Homeland Security Systems, Equipment and Services Exhibition,
  • ISAF Fire&Rescue – 26th International Fire, Emergency, Search&Rescue Exhibition,
  • ISAF Cyber Security – 11th International Cyber Security, Information and Network Exhibition,
  • ISAF Smart Life – 11th International Smart Buildings and Smart Life Exhibition,
  • ISAF Safety&Health – 11th International Occupational Safety and Occupational Health Exhibition.

As it has so far been every year, this year’s primary goal of within ISAF that will be held for the 26th time is again to maintain and enhance the current quality of the visitors. Advancing and amplifying the operations carried out for the purpose of having more visitors from abroad to visit the exhibition will result in ISAF receiving more international visitors. The sector representative visitors who have been following ISAF for years will be joined by startup companies of the sector in 2022. Furthermore, operations to receive more visitors from corporate companies will be amplified so as to host a wider range of visitors from public institutions.

Being fully aware that it steers the sector, the actions carried out for ISAF are being performed every year more thoroughly, more comprehensively and down to the last detail. All the planning aims at enhancing specialties of ISAF that steer, improve and scale up the sector.

We will be delighted to see among us each and every partner at ISAF that steers, improves, scales up and improves the quality of the sector and where a large part of the trade volume in the sector comes to fruition.

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