ISAF IT Security – 8th International Information and Network Security Exhibition

Products and solutions related to Cyber Security, Information and Network Security, which are the most important agenda topics of recent years, are at ISAF IT Security Fair…

From an era when security is provided by security guards and workforce…
To an era when electronic systems come into play…

From an era when electronic security systems are still used…
To Information, Network Security and Cyber Security…

The products, solutions and services used in Cyber Security, which is the most important topic in today’s security sector, are available ISAF IT Security Fair.

Restructured for 2019 with its new structure and content, ISAF IT Security Fair is preparing to bring together the sector companies and the professional and related visitors on a larger scale in 2019.

From national security to a single individual… From the information that concerns the widest audience to the most personal information… “Security of Information and Network” at all levels is the most important issue of today.

The conditions of live change with the developing technology. Today, electronic devices such as mobile devices, computers, and internet connected devices, smart office and home systems are used by everyone in every part of the world. As these systems became widespread, all processes are now made electronically and through networks. Beyond that, most of the information has begun to be used on the cloud.

As a result of these developments, the security requirement we have met in the past just by using antivirus programs is increasing day by day. In parallel with the increasing need, budgets are growing significantly every passing day. The need for security, which is personally important, is growing even more with larger configurations, covering the security of the firm, the security of the institution and even the security of country.

You must take your place at ISAF IT Security Fair, where:

  • The latest developments about cyber security are introduced;
  • The latest IT Security devices are displayed;
  • The latest software updates and alternatives can be reviewed;
  • Today’s products and solutions as well as future solutions are shared;
  • Information and experiences are shared in this world full of unknowns;
  • Firms have strengthened their position in this developing sector and market;
  • All sections of the sector are invited to visit;

In summary, where the security of future will be exhibited and discussed.

ISAF IT Security – Exhibiting Products & Services

  • IT Security
  • Encryption Technologies
  • Risk Management Security
  • Measurement, Testing & Control
  • Information Security Management
  • Data Security
  • Network Security
  • ID Systems & Supplies
  • Wireless Applications
  • Sensitive Material & Record Protection
  • Telecommunications Security
  • Security Hardware & Technologies
    • Internet Security
    • Anti-Virus Protection
    • Anti SPAM Protection
    • Content monitoring
    • Hardware and Data Security
    • Back-up/Recovery systems
    • Software Protection
    • Data Access Protection
    • User Right Management

ISAF IT Security – Target Visitor

  • IT Managers (Public and Private Bodies)
  • Software Experts
  • Technical Experts, Consultants
  • Engineers, Technicians
  • Banks, Financial Institutions
  • Large Industrial Institutions and Companies
  • Holdings, Large-Scale Companies
  • Security Companies
  • Computer Companies
  • Hosting Companies
  • Data Centers
  • Software Companies
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Defense Industry Companies
  • Public Bodies
  • Turkish Armed Forces
  • Police Department
  • Local Governments
  • Consulates, Embassies, Commercial Attaches
  • Educational Institutions, Universities
  • Municipalities, Municipality Companies
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Industrial Estates Regional Directorates
  • Other (Exhibitor Requests)
HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING company is a Media Partner with ISAF IT Security and for more info and registration, please visit the official event website