ISAF Cyber Security 2021 – 9th International Cyber Security, Information and Network Security Exhibition

Cyber Security as the most important agenda of recent years.
The products and solutions related to Information and Network Security are presented at the ISAF Cyber Security Exhibition

Products, services and solutions related to Cyber Security, Information and Network Security, which are becoming more and more important with the developing technologies, are exhibited at ISAF Cyber Security Exhibition on March 4 – 7, 2021.

ISAF Cyber Security Exhibition that has been organized since 2012 is going to bring the whole sector together for the 9th time.

The exhibition is being organized with a brand new structure for 2021.

ISAF Cyber Security Exhibition, which has been mainly active in the area between Security and Information Security until today, is preparing to be an exhibition that is gathering Cyber Security Sector together in real terms for 2021.

Today, every aspect of life, from the individual use to across the country, is managed by devices, systems and software. Since all of these products and systems are in danger of malicious and abusive use, the security products and systems used are also changing in parallel.

Security (Food, Housing), which is one of the three basic needs of humanity since its existence, has been provided by physical structures in the past, while it has been provided with a number of defense devices produced based on the development of humanity over time. With the introduction of electronic systems, the need for security that is provided by electronic systems has been reached a very significant level today.

In the past, the need for security in its simplest form like using antivirus programs, has been increasing day by day and the budgets that are in parallel with the increasing need have been growing significantly each period. The need for security that is based on a personal scale concerns encompasses the wider population each day.

From national security to the individual From the information that concerns the widest audience to the most personal one. At all levels Cyber Security and Information Security is the most important subject and need of today. All of these requirements are exhibited at ISAF Cyber Security Exhibition.

Cyber Security Exhibition holds the specialties as follows:

  • Cyber security products, systems, solutions and software will be introduced,
  • All devices and the latest hardware related to Cyber Security will be exhibited,
  • Explain and examine the latest updates and changes in software and solutions
  • Comments and determinations related to the needs of the future beyond today’s needs will be shared,
  • All knowledge and experiences about this world full of unknowns will be transmitted,
  • Companies, institutions and individuals will determine their position in this developing sector and field.

We strongly invite all sector representatives to take part in ISAF Cyber Security Exhibition where the security of the future will be exhibited and discussed.

From the period of which security was based on structures and human-based defense;
To the period electronic systems get into use;
From the period that electronic security systems were still in use;
To the Cyber Security age.

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING is for 2nd time a Media Partner with ISAF IT, that will organize a business mission for visitors and help them to establish business meetings during exhibition time.

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