Ipswitch WhatsUp® Gold 2017 Reimagines IT and Network Monitoring with Interactive Visualization, Dynamic Mapping and Flexible TotalView Licensing

Ipswitch, the leader in easy to try, buy and use IT and network management software, today announced the launch of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2017. WhatsUp Gold 2017 reimagines how IT teams discover, visualize, troubleshoot and monitor networks, servers, virtual machines and applications. WhatsUp Gold 2017 with TotalView enables IT teams to monitor everything with one cost-effective license, delivering the best value and most flexibility in the industry.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2017 helps IT teams control the increasing complexity of today’s hybrid environment with a single flexible software solution that provides a comprehensive and interactive view of the entire network. This enables IT teams to:

  • Discover, visualize and interact with their IT environment via advanced visualization technology
  • Troubleshoot faster with intuitive maps, workflows and dashboards
  • Monitor their entire environment with one flexible Ipswitch software license

“Ensuring that network operations teams identify and use a flexible, fully-integrated and multifunctional network management tool is becoming increasingly important for business success,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst Network Management at Enterprise Management Associates. “EMA research shows that organizations that use fewer, but more integrated tools perform better than companies that use many different point solutions. A truly integrated solution provides end-to-end visibility, more efficient troubleshooting features and a unified interface giving a single and comprehensive view of the network health and performance.”


Discover, visualize and interact with your IT environment

WhatsUp Gold 2017 provides a new way of visualizing and interacting with the entire IT environment. It introduces a faster, simpler and more intuitive user experience (UX) that puts users in control. Interacting with WhatsUp Gold 2017 is like interacting directly with your network.

WhatsUp Gold 2017 provides immediate value by automatically discovering your end-to-end IT environment and features a unique and interactive network map that quickly shows the status of every device and interconnection. The visualization can be dynamically filtered to gain real-time insight into physical, virtual and wireless networks as well as their dependencies.

“WhatsUp Gold offers a unique mapping functionality and visual linking of sites and objects while requiring very few resources both on the network and on the server where it is installed,” said JR, Network Administrator at Community Hospital. “This new release adds unequalled network discovery, flexibility and new functionality that allow our team to focus on performance rather than fighting fires.”

Troubleshoot faster with intuitive maps, workflows and dashboards

WhatsUp Gold 2017 streamlines troubleshooting by letting IT teams interact directly from an intuitive network map. With the dynamic map, IT teams can see the big picture of their entire environment and zoom in to focus on details, such as Windows, Linux, virtual or wireless resources. By clicking on any device, IT teams gain immediate visibility to critical network, server and application health information. The result is simpler, more intuitive troubleshooting that lets IT teams find and fix problems faster. Workflows are optimized and intuitive whether initiated from the network map or from a vast array of easily-customizable dashboards and reports.

The innovative network mapping technology gives users the flexibility to filter and optimize views of their networks. It starts with advanced discovery capabilities that automatically identify everything connected to the network and automatically apply device roles and monitors to dramatically accelerate the monitoring setup. This dynamic mapping capability supports both physical and virtual devices including VMware and Hyper-V.

Network managers, system administrators and IT operation leaders know that network visibility and performance is key to their business health and success. “The new map has an organic feel that comes alive as it discovers your network. Watching the map build as your network is discovered can bring insights instantly,” said Tim Walsh, senior IT architect. “Once built, the map almost feels like it knows what you are going to do next, showing connected devices as you move around the intuitive visualization of your IT environment.”

IT teams can gain additional details through pre-defined dashboards and reports, or create custom dashboards and reports with a new and easy-to-use “drag and drop” interface. Users simply drag items onto their dashboard to gain continuous insights or schedule reports that are delivered automatically.

Monitor your entire environment with one flexible license

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2017 delivers the industry’s best monitoring value with its unique TotalView licensing. TotalView allows teams to monitor any mix of networks devices, servers, virtual machines, applications, traffic flows and configurations with one flexible license – to simplify purchasing, increase monitoring flexibility and streamline scaling. There’s no need to purchase separate licenses for applications, network devices or network flow sources – they’re all included. Furthermore, TotalView allows reallocation of those licenses wherever and whenever needed without additional cost – eliminating wasted, unused licenses caused by artificial license limitations.

With unprecedented freedom to adapt to changing monitoring needs, WhatsUp Gold 2017 is available in four editions:

  • BasicView – Entry-level network monitoring software for IT environments of all sizes.
  • ProView – More advanced monitoring capabilities, including server and wireless monitoring.
  • TotalView – All of the features in ProView plus VMWare monitoring, Hyper-V monitoring, application performance monitoring and network traffic analysis.
  • TotalView Plus– The highest-value edition that includes all the functionality of TotalView as well as configuration management and additional pollers for scalability.

“WhatsUp Gold 2017 leverages advanced visualization technology to intuitively map the user experience directly to the environment that the IT team created. The interface will be immediately familiar, allowing team members to easily understand irregularities at a high level and then drill down immediately to detailed device information keeping them in front of potential issues,” said Austin O’Malley, chief product officer at Ipswitch.

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