IoT Solutions World Congress takes IoT to airports, commodities and space exploration

How can Internet of Things (IoT) technologies prevent baggage loss, secure power plants or help humankind to travel and explore Mars? To answer these and other questions the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) will gather over 220 companies and 250 speakers on its third edition. The Congress program will feature 8 tracks –Manufacturing, Utilities, Connected Transport, Healthcare, Buildings & Infrastructure, Open Industry, Blockchain and Quantum Computing– and will tackle some of the key challenges companies around the world are facing in an ever-growing digitized world to help them seize the full potential and benefits IoT solutions are bringing.

The Congress, organized by Fira de Barcelona, will show how IoT solutions already deployed are solving a wide array of issues from simple everyday challenges to space exploration. Among the confirmed sessions and speakers are Andrew Price, head of Global Baggage operations at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and Mark Matthews, director of Customer Planning Operations at American Airlines who will discuss how IoT technologies are enabling companies and airports worldwide to comply with the IATA 753 resolution that encourages companies to maintain an accurate inventory of baggage through active tracking.

But IoTSWC will show attendees how IoT is also helping to push the frontiers of humankind. Under the title NASA’s Human Spaceflight Exploration Plans and IoT, Carlos García-Galan, the Orion Mission Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle integration lead, will talk about the role IoT technologies are playing in space exploration projects such as the development of a powerful new rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS)or the Orion vehicle, which will ferry astronauts to lunar space and beyond and return them safely to Earth.

Rethinking Commodities

Recent studies show that a sustained decline in commodity prices is forcing players throughout the hydrocarbon chain to rethink the way they have historically operated. Assets need to not only perform better but need to do it sooner, more reliably and for a longer period of time than once required. IoT has opened a myriad of opportunities for commodity companies through an improved highly granular view of their assets and how to manage them.

ABB and Schneider Electric will showcase recent breakthrough cases in which the combination of traditional OGC (Oil, Gas and Chemicals) tools together with industrial IoT solutions through Cloud platforms have achieved better performance through predictive analytics and enterprise data management leading to simpler decision making and taking productivity, efficiency, safety and security to the next level.

Call for Testbeds open

IoTSWC is the only event featuring live demonstrations of Industrial IoT. Testbeds are experimentation platforms deployed and tested in an environment that resembles real-world conditions. They demonstrate new technologies to create new products and services, in a visual, dynamic, engaging way. The Testbed area located in the heart of the exhibition space is one of the key showcasing points of the leading international event that links the Internet of Things with industry. Companies willing to show their latest breakthroughs may submit their proposals through the event’s website.

About IoTSWC

On its third edition, the leading global event on Industrial IoT will bring together over 220 companies and 250 speakers to showcase and discuss the latest new products and applications of this disruptive technology that is already increasing production through automated processes and will change the business models in many industries. With the support of the top international associations in the sector –the Industrial Internet Consortium, Industrie 4.0 Platform, and the Industrial Valuechain Initiative– this year’s edition will take over two halls instead of one at Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Via venue, and expects to increase the number of its exhibitors by almost 30%. It is the biggest event of its kind and the only one that combines exhibition space, knowledge transfer, testbeds and professional networking at the highest level.

In addition, October 2017 will see Fira de Barcelona become one of the largest international exhibition platforms for industry, in both the commercial and knowledge areas, with Barcelona Industry Week. The event will comprise the IoT Solutions World Congress together with the Expoquimia, Eurosurfas, Equiplast and In(3D)ustry From Needs to Solutions trade shows, the World Congress of Chemical Engineering and the World Chemical Summit, as well as the Smart Chemistry, Smart Future event, all held at the Gran Via venue.

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