Integrated 3 Dimensional Ready to Wear Body Armor

Image is often our first line of defense against the world.  A stylish well-tailored garment can make a person feel ready and able to take on whatever the day will throw at them.  Unfortunately, in an ever increasing number of locations around the globe whatever the day may throw at you includes gun violence.  The demand for bullet-proof garments globally has increased proportionately.  However, the bulky and ill-fitting bullet proof garments currently available undermine the sense of self image that girds us against the day.  This is most acutely felt within women’s protective garments as often current designers utilize men’s two dimensional garments for women’s three dimensional figures.

What if you can wear an ordinary day to day garment that is fashionable and provides personal protection?  What if the garments included d carrier shell that can provides protection from the element enhanced with modular ballistic insert if you think you are in danger or without just simply removed the protective insert.  Doo Aquino LLC believes that the primary function of a garment is to improve wearer’s performance and confidence. Whether addressing fashion, trends, image, or functionality, current personal protective garments should be able to adjust to an individual’s sense of style, enhance their appearance, and provide sense of comfort.  Doo Aquino’s “Ready to Wear Body Armor” – wearable technology that integrates seamlessly into fashion garments – has solved this fashion vs. personal protection conundrum.

The invention provides for an underlying carrier vest shell like garment which contains pockets for the insertion of modular ballistic panels (Kevlar, Spectra, etc.) with an integrated/attachable to ready-to-wear article of clothing.  The system works by providing for a tailored fit of the underlying carrier vest such that the outer ready-to-wear clothing, the carrier shell and the modular ballistic insert drapes in such a fashion to conceal the presence of the ballistic panels.  Additionally, the modular ballistic panels and carrier vest may be standardized allowing the transfer of the protective pieces from one ready-to-wear article of clothing to another. For example, a denim jacket size medium protective insert will fit into a hooded top size medium, or the other way around.  This allows the wearer to change their wardrobe to match the season or current fashion trends.

Endless possibilities – Doo Aquino is now tackling women’s fashion through it patent pending enhancements to its carrier shell and ballistic panels that allow for a three dimensional form the next big advance within ballistic garments because of the convergence of technology and fashion. Furthermore, in assuring that the overall garment achieves a comfort by providing air circulation to cool the wearer, and level of protection – cushioning the individual against the impact of the bullet by incorporating these features, ballistic Level II and Level III A . Fit including style, image, and looks consistent with the highest standards of today’s’ fashions that will appeal to a broader group of protectees and will assure their compliance – that they will wear the protective apparel often and correctly.Please remember that our garment works in two ways if you think you are in danger just mainly insert the protective ballistic panel, it also function as an ordinary day to day clothing. The fit is specific to it’s application. And though many of our garments can be worn in urban markets as high fashion, it is their credibility as defense instruments that make them desirable as possessions.

Research and development in the future we will incorporate electronics embedded to our patent pending carrier shell such as counterfeiting tags in a variety of standard or customized form factors including under a label, part of a product’s packaging, or within the actual product. GPS, where you can monitor your kids at all times and more.

Fit is everything ! Style is everything! Image is everything!

Doo Aquino’s brand emphasize quality high premium apparel, design trends is tailored made, as part of an ensemble to their  ordinary day to day garment that can be fashionably worn at all times. We offer seasonal line of various fabrications such as wool, linen, cotton, cashmere, alpaca, silk, organza, including an edited version of classic styles to choose from such as; Jackets, Hooded Tops, Vests, Dresses, Dress coats, etc.

About The Company

Founded in 2014 by Co-Founder Doo Aquino, is one of the leading NYC based designer, manufacturer of high premium wearable technology apparel for personal protection, seasonally fashionable garments for men, women, and children’s wear expose to hostile elements or environments.

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