INGAS 2019

Countdown for 8 th International Natural Gas Congress and Fair has already started which will be held at Halic Congress Center on 17-18 October 2019.

Why Attend to INGAS 2019?

  • Have an opportunity to Show the policies and recent developments in the sector to the target audience.
  • Establish new partnership and cooperate with companies operating in the sector.
  • Make your products launch to the sector professionals within the scope of the activity.
  • You will have the chance to meet with decision makers in differentiating market structure.
  • INGAS 2019 is the industry meeting point and you will have an opportunity to introduce your projects to everyone from the masses to the end consumer.
  • You can establish a one to one connection with potential buyers and target audience.
  • You can develop your brand and corporate image within our prestigious exhibition.

Congress Subject Headings

  • Transparency Platform in Natural Gas
    • Young Minds in Natural Gas Sector
    • Sustainable Natural Gas Access
    • New Perspectives in Natural Gas Industry
    • Opportunities and Issues of Digitalization in the Gas Industry
    • Being a Woman in Natural Gas Sector
    • Aspects and Effects of Globalization in Gas Sector
    • Supply and Demand Security in Natural Gas – Pricing Policies
    • GAS 4.0 Technologies
    • The Future of Renewable Natural Gas
    • Political and Economic Effects of Gas Corridors

Business-to-Business (B2B) Meetings

INGAS 2019, which is considered as one of the World’s most prestigious events in natural gas sector, is going to be a platform in which the information and experience are going to be shared right along with the latest ideas, inventions and foresights as usual.

Have your part in order to get B2B meetings with your national and international partners in this event which bands the whole dynamics of the sector in terms of the evaluation of new projections regarding Turkey, that becomes the center of trade for natural gas in medium and long term.

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING company is a Media Partner of INGAS 2019 and for More Info and Registration, please visit the official event website